Which video console is best for you?

The interactive entertainment industry is worth multibillion-dollars. The war to win the biggest share of the market is among the three big players, namely video game machines: Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Play Station 3 (PS3) and Nintendo Wii.
The console war grew more fierce with the introduction of high-definition gaming by PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, and with inventive ways to control games with the Nintendo Wii.
Which one would be best for you and your family?
Let’s try to summerize their features:

Microsoft Xbox 360
Xbox 360 was designed primarily for older gamers, teen and up. With the new version of Xbox Live Arcade games available via the on-line Xbox Live service (cost $60 a year), Microsoft moved closer to the younger gamers.
Xbox 360 has the most comprehensive network of all three consoles: players can play with or against others in cyberspace, compete in tournaments, chat or download games extras. It does not have built-in Wi-Fi, so you need to connect a broadband cable to the machine or purchase a snap-on wireless receiver.
Xbox 360 is also designed as a multi media machine for the living room that can play DVDs, CDs, and MP3s.
You can also purchase an optional HD-DVD add-on. As per the Microsoft, the owners of Xbox 360 will be able to download full-length feature films to the console’s hard drive.
The entry level core system does not have a hard drive, has a wired controller and composite A/V cables. The premium bundle includes a 20 GB hard drive, wireless controller, headset and a game.
The black Xbox 360 Elite includes a 120 GB hard drive and HDMI audio/video output for 1080p resolution.

Sony Playstation 3
Available with a 60 GB and 80 GB hard drives, PS3 offers the most technologically advanced hardware, resulting in almost perfect graphics, multidirectional surround sound and lots of on-line goodies.
PS3 also has integrated Wi-Fi support, memory card readers and multiple USB ports.
It is the only game console that can play movies on Blu-ray Discs. PS3 plays CDs, DVDs and Super Audio CDs.
The controller employs a six-axis motion-sensing system, so you can tilt it to alter the action onscreen.
PS3 is backward compatible, so it can also play PS1 and PS2.

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii was the success story of 2007. Do you remember the commercials with the Japanese guys coming to people and offering the controller that resembles with a DVD remote?
The wireless Wii controller has built-in motion sensors so whatever the player does with it in front of the TV is mirrored onscreen in real time.
It also has a built-in speaker.
Nintendo Wii is Wi-Fi ready, allowing gamers to log on to the internet over a wireless network to play games against others, download classic Nintendo and Sega games or access news.

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