The Eyes of the Buddha

For some time I have wanted to talk about a movie I have really liked: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and… Spring .
I remember how mesmerized I was by the movie and how many symbols I did not understand.
There are only a few dialogs in the movie but you are still captivated by the story of the young monk trying to learn the life’s lessons.
I highly recommend the movie to anybody who is capable of enjoying ‘art movies’ with deep messages. If you are looking for special effects and spectacular stunts, you are not going to find them here.
If, instead, you are looking to take a glimpse into Buddhism, please buy it.

Knowing that I won’t be capable of explaining the symbols by myself, I was looking for some info on the net. I came across a forum and I registered there.
Courtesy of one of the members, I now present you:
The Eyes of the Buddha
The Eyes of the Buddha (The Wisdom Eyes) are found on every Buddhist shrines (Stupas) in Nepal.
Between the Buddha’s eyes there is a curly symbol, looking like a question mark. Actually this is the Nepali character for number 1, symbolizing the unity of all things. Above this symbol, is the third eye, symbolizing the all-seeing vision of the Buddha and the spiritual awakening.

The image is based on a hand-painted scroll that came into his possession.
I really like this guy’s point of view, very close to mine:
” That being said, I now return to my own peculiar melange of philosophical seculo-humanist-buddho-vedantan-judeo-christio-freethinko-skeptico-mystico-lacto-vegetario-unitarianism πŸ™‚ (Being cautious about organized religion, I have opted for the vastly disorganized variety! πŸ™‚

I could not have summarized it better myself.

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