What makes celebrities so unhappy?

Yesterday I read about Heath Ledger dying from an apparent overdose. He was 28.
Again, I was asking myself: what makes celebrities so unhappy to look for peace in drugs?
Take a look at the majority of young actors and actresses: by the time they reach 21, they have already been through a few detox programs.
Why the need?
What about Lindsey Lohan or Britney Spears? One hops from one penis to another, the other one lost the custody of her kids.
Both of them seem to have lost their mind. How can they be so shallow?
Some people feel sympathetic to their problems, but what problems? they created their own problem.
I have read that Britney Spears did not really have a good childhood and that her image has been oversexed. True, but I remember her years ago, she was sweet. Now she is repugnant. All that skimpy cloths and nails with partial polish make her look like white trash. Is she?
Years ago I have read a book written by John Douglas, ex FBI profiler. I could understand the need to wash away haunting memories. I can understand the trauma experienced by officers working for special victims unit, especially dealing with child related crimes. But celebrities? what trauma do they have? too much money to spend?

If this is the price to pay for being a celebrity, than I would happily keep being an obscure person.

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