Update on Qtrax

It looks like the fun is over before it even started.
The major labels, namely Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, Universal Music and EMI Group, previously listed as being on the same boat with Qtrax denied signing any deal.
EMI, Sony BMG and Warner had previous agreements with Qtrax while the company was testing a paid music download system. But the agreement expired last year and it has not been renewed to cover the free, ad-supported model boasted by Qtrax.

Reading the info on the new free download service I was quite surprised honestly speaking. I understood that Qtrax was supposed to address the cost issue via advertising done for the major labels.
I am thinking: people going on a site to copy music are free loaders and what is the chance for somebody like that to jump and buy whatever may have been advertised?

Apparently the concept of ad-supported music download it is not a new one. SpiralFrog is another ad-supported service, launched last September. The downloads can’t be burned on CDs or played on Apple machine either.

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