Thinking about a new heating system?

Boy we had a pretty bad weather here in British Columbia.
Yesterday it was snowing and the temperature dropped to –9°C.
Needless to say that our big 4000 sq ft house it’s even harder to warm up then normally is.
We had a combination of heating sources in the house: gas fireplace, wood burning stove, headboard elements and various types of heaters.
Wood burning stove is messy although the heat generated is nice and not very dry and it looks cozy if nothing else.
Because we are thinking about remodeling the house, it’s time to shop around for something that will look nice and be energy efficient as well.
With the natural gas increasing costs maybe we should investigate propane cost and efficiency as an alternative. From aesthetic point of view I would like to choose a fireplace.
As I have mentioned already, we are doing home renovations, and that includes a bigger garage and gas garage heaters will come handy because most of the time the garage is cold and it feels humid somehow.

If you plan to give somebody a gift of love, think about heaters. I will warm up their body and soul.

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