The mantra of compassion

Yesterday I mentioned my thoughts regarding how to deal with high blood pressure and my desire to get back to something dear to me: meditation.
Today I decided to move a step ahead and the pieces of the puzzle fell down in the right way.
I came across some YouTube videos that impressed me very much.

This is one of them:

The mantra of Compassion is sung by Dechen Shak-Dagsay

I visited her site and I read about her family leaving Tibet in 1959 due to Chinese ocupation. One of the many similar stories.
Still, it’s impressive the way Tibetans managed to spread their religion without fighting anybody, without killing in the name of their belief.
More and more Westerners seem to be interested in Buddhism and maybe someday, the compassion would rule the world.
Maybe people would have enough brain and spiritual understanding to embrace Buddhism rather than contributing with millions of dollars to freak shows/cults like Scientology.

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