CBS Fall 2008 Schedule

Before moving on with our life and listing the fall schedule as presented by CBS to the advertisers, let’s just say that I found it very bizarre for a network to cancel the show that got the People’s Choice Award, namely ‘Moonlight’. Even more, for a network that boasts about targeting female audience, it’s even more stupid to get rid of the yummy Mitch St.John (Alex O’Loughlin) to make room for The Ex List that features a woman. Now our only hope is in the hands of Media Rights Capital (MRC) contracted by CW to fill out the Sunday nights. MRC is going to fill the time with two dramas and two comedies and see if their programming would be better than CW’s one.
The rumor had it that CW would pick up ‘Moonlight’ but since then it’s been denied by CBS.

Now back to CBS’s fall schedule, with * are marked the new shows… nice NOT!!! that CBS made room for some of them by cancelling Shark and Moonlight.

The Big Band Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Two and a Half Men
Worst Week*
CSI: Miami

The Mentalist*
Without a Trace

The New Adventures of Old Christine
Project Gary*
Criminal Minds
CSI: New York

Survivor: Gabon, The Last Eden
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Eleventh Hour*

Ghost Whisperer
The Ex List*

CBS Crimetime (repeats)
48 Hours Mystery

60 Minutes
The Amazing Race
Cold Case
The Unit

Let’s see what the new shows are about:

* Project Gary
stars Jay Mohr as a recently divorced father juggling his children with his relationships, with Paula Marshall as his controlling ex-wife and Jaime King as his new girlfriend, also a single mom.
* Worst Week features Kyle Bornheimer as a recently engaged simpleton trying in vain to impress his future in-laws, played by Kurtwood Smith and Nancy Lenehan.
* Eleventh Hour is a Jerry Bruckheimer production featuring Rufus Sewell as Dr. Jacob Hood, a biophysicist recruited by the FBI as an on-call scientist/detective to investigate the rapidly growing number of crimes and crises of a scientific nature
* The Ex List is a romantic drama. Bella Bloom (Elizabeth Reaser- remember her? It’s the Ava/Rebecca from Gray’s Anatomy), learns from a psychic (Anne Bedian) that she’s already dated her future husband and if she doesn’t find him within a year she will be alone for the rest of her life.
* Harper’s Island is a murder mystery/horror from the Jericho producer Jon Turteltaub, that unfolds as friends and family attend week-long festivities at a destination wedding on a secluded and picturesque island off the coast of Seattle, infamous for a homicidal maniac’s rampage seven years ago. The wedding guests start vanishing one by one. The series features Ryan Merriman, Samantha Noble and Elaine Cassidy, and is expected at midseason.
* The Mentalist– Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) is a detective and independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation, with an enviable record for solving serious crimes by using his remarkable sharp skills of observation. (It sounds like Psych!!!!)

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