From the news today June 20, 2008

Police chopper encounters a UFO
A police chopper model Eurocopter, EC135T21 had a near collision encounter with a UFO near a RAF base outside Cardiff, South Wales.
Apparently the UFO aimed straight at the chopper, which had to swerve sharply to avoid being hit.
After the collision, the police air unit decided to follow the aircraft to find out what it was.
The pursuit had to be abandoned because the police helicopter was running low on fuel.

The skeptics would say ‘yeah, yeah, … another guys looking for 15 minutes of fame’ while the guys from the other team, the one believing that there is somebody out there keeping an eye on us, would say ‘told you so’.
It’s hard to believe that some police officers would risk being ridiculed and put their careers on risk, to report a hoax.

Pregnancy pact to have babies
If I needed another reason for being happy and grateful that I have a boy, here it is: 17 schoolgirls pregnant as a result of a pact made to have babies.
The ones who succeeded celebrated with high-fives and the ‘unlucky’ ones were in distress.
How idiotic is this pact? As soon as ‘Juno’ hit the theaters I knew it will generate troubles and it will send the wrong message about pregnancy and having babies.
The religion card is going to be played, no doubt about it. Parents, teachers will be blamed for not handing out contraceptives and not having a non-glamorous approach to the unwed teenager mothers. But I believe that a 16 year old will be strong minded enough and not take into consideration anything told, especially by the parents.
Let’s face it: babies are cute, but demanding. And you can’t throw them away if next year they are running out of fashion. Jeez!!

Bill Gates pledges his $58 billion fortune to charity… great, I guess his kids are so thrilled… NOT. It’s about the charity he and his wife set up ‘The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ which funds health and education projects around the world.

EU Treaty mess: Sarkozy blames Peter Mandelson for Ireland’s NO vote and called the Irish ‘bloody fools’, even indicating that Ireland will be forced to hold a second referendum. Issues that contributed to the Irish No vote included their concerns over euthanasia, abortion, world trade talks and future country representation in EU Commission.
France takes over EU presidency next month and it’s not going to be an easy ride, considering that the Czech Republic may not be able to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, following on the Ireland’s steps. The treaty must be ratified by all 27 members states to take effect and it’s been approved by 19 so far.
This is the status of the Lisbon treaty:

Approved by parliament: Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, UK
Defeated by referendum: Irish Republic
Challenges: Legal objections in Czech Republic
No firm date: Belgium, Cyprus, Netherlands (held up by referendum proposal), Italy (new government), Spain (new government), Sweden

Israel and ‘Iran nuclear attack drill’– U.S officials told the New York Times that more than 100 Israeli F-16 and F-15 warplanes staged a ‘Iran nuclear attack drill’ over Greece and the eastern Mediterranean, the first week of June. So far the drill has not been either acknowledged or debunked.

EU is to lift sanctions, including a freeze on high level diplomatic visits, against Cuba.
Last night, the EU’s 27 foreign ministers agreed to permanently remove them in a bid to encourage reforms.

Google and Yahoo’s senior managers and other executives, jumping ship to other companies
It looks like both companies are suffering from unadmitted ‘brain drain’.
But where is everybody going? To Facebook, or to other new venues like Zillow, FriendFeed, Twitter and Xobni.
Why do they leave? Well, that is something I would like to know. I guess it’s not the money, unless all these guys are ridiculously greedy. I would rather say it’s the job itself or the working environment. Maybe some of them got bored doing the same old things and wanted new challenges to keep them young at heart and brain.

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