Headlines- August 22, 2008


Olympics probe into China’s ‘underage’ teenage gymnast
There have been persistent media allegations that He Kexin who won gold for China in artistic gymnastics and asymmetric bars, had competed in earlier tournaments under a later birth date. On Thursday, the Web security expert Mike Walker said he had uncovered Chinese state documents that proved she was 14 and not 16.
The caption on a photograph published by Chinese state news agency Xinhua last year referred to ’13-year-old He Kexin’, while China Daily reported in May that she was 14.
Now more speculations arose that even the bronze medallist Yang Yilin is below the minimum age to compete. IOC gave the verdict: they were satisfied with the proof offered by Chinese government. Huh???!!!!!!!
What?! Did anybody expect a full admission from the Chinese officials?
To all people saying that ‘so what? What does it matter if they were younger?’ I have the answer. It matters because of the bone structure. A 12-14 years old is lighter and more supple than a 16 years one, hence it’s easier to perform acrobatics. Everybody now brings up Nadia Comaneci, who was 14 when she won the perfect 10. But at that time that was the minimum acceptable age to compete. Since then it’s been changed to 16, in an attempt to prevent the abuse of the children and to allow them to have a childhood, instead of training for 10 hours a day.

Mexicans using implanted chips to fight abductions
When I thought that abduction is a national sport for Brazil, it looks like their cousins, the Mexicans are going to the same ordeal.
According to state statistics, the number of abductions jumped almost 40 per cent between 2004 and 2007. That put Mexico in the same league with Iraq and Colombia. Not an envious position, eh?
So, while the official number for 2007 is around 700 abductions, an independent institute came up with a different number: 7000.
Considering the interest people have in purchasing the new gadget that allegedly allows them to be found via satellite, probably the latest number is closer to reality.
The gadget is a chip implanted under the skin. It’s been designed by a company named Xega and it’s currently sold for about $4000. On top of that, customers must pay an annual fee of about $2000.

Celebrity gossip:

Juicy piece of info running wild on the net: a hunk in a summer movie is secretly gay; he sneaked into an ex-gay lover house and raped him; after that he paid the guy $500,000 to keep it quiet.
The front contenders were: Christian Bale, Will Smith and James Franco (no idea who the dude is?). For the obvious reasons: hunk and summer movie.
Now, more details surfaced about this secret gay hunk’s past: he took ballet lessons as a kid among others.
Unless this detail was given just to throw us on a wild goose chase, Christian Bale was the one with ballet past. But I refuse to believe that he is the guy.
Web super sleuths came up with…. you will never guess …. Will Smith!! because apparently he has been rumored to be gay years ago, because apparently he and Jada are into some sort of ‘convenience’ marriage… hey, the dude is friends with Tom Cruise. Does it ring a bell of similarities??
OK, the jury is still out, but the latest update settled for James Franco.
Again, I have no idea who this guy is or what he did or not in the past.
Just for entertainment, take a look at other potential candidates, based strictly on the summer movie criteria, ok?

Ashton Kutcher: “What Happens in Vegas”
Mark Wahlberg: “The Happening”
Justin Timberlake: “The Love Guru”
David Duchovny: “The X-Files”
Harrison Ford: “Indiana Jones”
The Rock: “Get Smart”
Jason Lewis: “Sex and the City”
Colin Firth: “Mamma Mia”

Personally I would have picked Harrison Ford.. yeah, I am just kidding. Probably the sweet -not- Calista would break his bones.
And no, I refuse to even think about The Rock as well. Although, on second thought, he played brilliantly a gay character in ‘Be Cool’.

Other news: Gwen Stefani gave birth to a baby boy. The name is Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.
Yep, another notch on the list of stupid names for kids.
At least he’s not alone, there are a lot of other celebrity kids with weird names: Apple,Moses (Gwyneth Paltrow), Peaches(Bob Geldof), Kal El (Nicolas Cage) Kyd (David Duchovny), Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone), Memphis Eve (Bono)
Going back to Gwen’s baby, people speculated that Nesta is because of her love for Jamaica. Don’t forget that her first kid’s name is Kingston. Nesta was Bob Marley’s middle name.
Others said that Zuma and Nesta are some soccer players. I would go with the first assumption. She is a musician after all.
As for Zuma… it’s a Zulu name, a computer game, a name of a beach… so your guess it’s as good as mine.

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