The Democrats should have chosen Governor of Kansas as Vice President

I am sick and tired of fighting with some of my friends. Yes, believe it or not, although we live in Canada we still manage to have hot discussions with regards to American politics.
Fresh from the oven is the one about Sarah Palin. Being on opposite sites, each of us would claim knowing the real facts. I was thinking that maybe we should compare another governor to make the fight fair.

But before that, I must say that I hold Barack Obama directly responsible for the misery the US of America is going to be thrown into. Because I have a feeling that the Democrats will lose again and because Obama had two choices to prove that he is not an arrogant, sexist pig: Senator Clinton and Governor Sebelius. Two strong women, with a very strong political background. He may have been afraid of their strength or achievements, but he should have put the interests of his country first.
Now the rug has been swept from under his feet. McCain camp was smart to seize the moment and use Obama’s mistake. They have thrown into the fight a newcomer, but a newcomer with appeal to the public. Men are watching her as a ‘babe’ who can shoot, women are watching her as a ‘girl-next-door’, the mother of many kids still capable of running a full time job and most of all, capable of breaking the glass ceiling.
I am utterly surprised that Obama was so stupid. And for that, he deserves to lose.
Some people did not like Hillary Clinton because she was to abrasive. Indeed, she was not the most likable person. But the Democrats had another choice, the Governor of Kansas, who was not involved in scandals, and has been born and raised in a family with political traditions. And let’s face it: America is not ready for a black president. It’s as simple as that. I still believe that Kathleen Sebelius would have been a wonderful choice that would have made more people forget Obama’s arrogance.

And the sad reality is that Sarah Palin is what a large part of the electorate want: she is white and she is a woman. The Americans are going to vote with their heart not their head.

Following is a short biography of Kathleen Sebelius, Gov. of Kansas, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Kathleen Sebelius born on 1948
Sebelius is the daughter of former Ohio governor John J. Gilligan and thus they became the first father/daughter governor pair in the United States after her election. Her husband K. Gary Sebelius is a federal magistrate judge and the son of former U.S. Representative Keith Sebelius, a Republican. They have two sons.

First term: 2002
Second term: 2006
In November 2005, Time named Sebelius as one of the five best governors in America, praising her for eliminating a $1.1 billion debt she inherited, ferreting out waste in state government, and strongly supporting public education — all without raising taxes, although she proposed raising sales, property, and income taxes. Also praised was her bipartisan approach to governing, a useful trait in a state where Republicans have usually controlled the Legislature.

During the 2004 election, Sebelius was named as a potential running mate for John Kerry. In the aftermath of Kerry’s defeat, some pundits named Sebelius as a potential candidate for the Democratic nomination for President in 2008.After Barack Obama’s clinching of the nomination in June 2008, speculation that she would be a contender for the vice-presidential slot on the Democratic ticket continued. The Washington Post listed her as the top prospect for the 2008 nomination. James Carville and Bob Novak also mentioned Sebelius’ name and Wesley Clark, also considered a potential running mate, and publicly endorsed Sebelius, referring to her as “the next vice-president of the United States.” Speculation that the Vice Presidential nomination lay in her future was heightened by the fact that she was chosen by the Democratic Party’s congressional leaders to give their party’s official response to Republican President George W. Bush’s 2008 State of the Union Address. The next day, she endorsed Obama’s campaign, one week before the Kansas caucus on Super Tuesday.Obama won the caucus easily, with 74% support.

Sebelius is pro-choice and opposed to efforts to eliminate or reduce abortions primarily by criminalizing abortion procedures. Sebelius’ office states that abortions have declined 8.5 percent during her tenure as governor.

Early in the term, Sebelius made education funding her top priority. Education funding reached a breaking point in the summer of 2005 when the Kansas Supreme Court ordered the Legislature to increase K–12 funding.

Sebelius has also put environmental concerns at the top of her agenda. She pushed for more widespread recycling efforts across the state. In addition, she vetoed bills authorizing the construction of coal-fired power plants on three separate occasions saying in March of 2008, “We know that greenhouse gases contribute to climate change. As an agricultural state, Kansas is particularly vulnerable.

Sebelius has said she supports Kansans’ right to own firearms, but does not believe a broad concealed carry law would make them safer: “I don’t believe allowing people to carry concealed handguns into sporting events, shopping malls, grocery stores, or the workplace would be good public policy. And to me the likelihood of exposing children to loaded handguns in their parents’ purses, pockets and automobiles is simply unacceptable.”

Other issues
Sebelius did not support an April 2005 amendment to the Kansas Constitution that made same-sex marriage in the state unconstitutional. Sebelius said she supported the existing state law outlawing same-sex marriage, viewed it as sufficient, and therefore opposed the constitutional amendment. The amendment passed with 70 percent voter approval.

Sarah Palin is exactly the opposite. She does not have many achievements, but she is vicious (nickname Barracuda I guess it’s self explanatory) and she got the seal of approval from Dick Cheney (to each his own).

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