Headlines October 17, 2008

Pic of the day– it makes me laugh every time I watch it

McCain making faces

Aside from that, he made peace with David Letterman. Boring!
Now it’s Sarah Palin’s turn to show up on Saturday Night Live along with Tina Fey.
She making jokes it won’t be as hilarious as when she was the jokes.

New fad diet in Japan
It looks like there is a new fad diet around. The one with bananas (no sexual connotation!!)
As people are getting into this new diet, the bananas fly off from the supermarkets’ shelves.
It looks like this:
– Breakfast- one or more bananas and water at room temperature
– Lunch and dinner- whatever you want
– Some snacks are all right
– No food after dinner and go to bed before midnight

Harper and Sarkozy in economic talks

Finally Canada realized that it’s not wise to put all your eggs into one basket. True, it’s easier to have a trade partner in close proximity, but when that close ‘partner’ will look mostly after its interests maybe it’s time to move on and investigate other markets.
The wise step is to ease the trade barriers between Canada and EU and hopefully the Canadian summit of la Francophonie would bring us some good news.
Are they going to succeed in fighting protectionism? It remains to be seen.

The collider will be operational again the next spring

So far we are safe again. At least from the black holes point of view.
If you remember the Large Hadron Collider has been subject to many scares and even some deaths due to suicide. And let us not forget the law suits. Maybe back in September it was not enough time for the Strasbourg court to have the suit on the roll, but the technical problem that shut down the particle accelerator may change the whole output.
According to a CERN statement the failure was caused by an electrical arc that punctured an enclosure holding the liquid helium used to keep the collider cold.
Actually it was a connection badly soldered.
So, the dudes worked for 20 years to build this mammoth, spent billion of dollars and everything went down the drain because of bad soldering??!!
Now how ridiculous is that?
If the dudes can’t be 100% of the soldering quality, how the heck can they be sure that the mini black holes are ‘not a problem at all’?. I mean, OK, they were 10,000 connections but somebody should had been in charge with quality control. What about not having any freaking control over the so-called ‘absorption’ of the black holes.
Yeah, yeah, we are the ignorant fear mongers.
Hey, there are good news: the cost of repairing the collider will be covered by CERN budget and another good news only six tons of helium leaked out (yeah, it’s three times as much as originally thought) meaning that the rest of 114 tons are still there.
So far at least.

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