Why the GM and Chrysler Canada should not have been bailed out

What do I read in the paper?
That our government proceeded with the first instalment helping General Motors and Chrysler out of their misery. That being $ 4 billion to start with. More to come.
From the taxpayers money. Meaning that Canadian people must pay to keep the overpaid production workers and that leech named Ken Lewenza, who is CWA president, still in jobs.
It makes me sick on my stomach. Lewenza mentioned at some point that the conditions asked by the Canadian government to be met by GM and Chrysler are a hit towards the organized labour.
Fuck you Lewenza!!!
Why should people belonging to CWA have more rights than other workers? Why are they special?
They are not. They are unionized workers, paid way over what they should be.
Come on… $70/hour for an assembly line worker? Why??!!
Skilled workers… all of us are skilled in what we do, because otherwise we would be cleaning public washrooms. And we are not paid even half of $70/hour.
And what was ‘unreasonably’ asked by our Prime Minister? To accept a pay cut? I am surprised that they did not have the common sense to offer it by themselves, let alone to start bitching about it.
Or to reorganize the companies to make them competitive to the foreign automakers operating in North America.
Harper asked for concessions:
“”That’s going to include management, it’s going to include unions, it’s going to include bond holders, it’s going to include all those who are impacted on the supply chain,” he said.
The GM and Chrysler loan terms include limits on executive compensation and performance pay and a ban on “golden parachutes” or huge severance packages for top officials leaving the companies.”

The sad reality is that big unions like CWA took our PM by his balls and squeeze them as hard as they can.

In my opinion a must in reorganizing our ailing economy is to outlaw the unions. It’s an archaic concept that should not exist in 21st century.

That being said, GM and Chrysler should not have been given any loan or any bail out.
They don’t deserve it.
They should start fixing their economic problems by paying their workers salaries aligned to the rest of the country. Like something in the $20/hour range. And no perks for their CEOs, they can travel by commercial planes like the rest of us, they don’t really need corporate jets.
And what about not having 3 weeks vacation to start with? What about not having coffee breaks every hour and a half?

Welcome to the real world! In my world, a university graduate makes sometimes less than $20/hour. In my world, coffee break is non-existent. WTF! Having lunch not in front of your computer is already a big deal.

What is the difference between big unions and terrorists? The colour of their skin?
Because I can find similarities: they instil terrors, they feed on fear and destroy everything and everybody that stands in their way.
The general concept is not to cave in to terrorists’ demands. Why should they make exceptions when treating with unions?

Maybe Ken Lewenza should start working a real job instead of the lip service one he is currently doing.

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