Chinese Horoscope 2009- Ox

We are about to enter the Chinese lunar year. More precisely on Monday, January 26, 2009 we are going to step into the Year of the Ox.

According to the Chinese fortune tellers, fire is essential for financial well-being. Meaning that you have to brace yourself for another bad year, when we are going to see millions of people loosing their jobs, recession deepening and the real estate and stock market value plummeting even more.
The coming Year of the Ox is under the Earth sign. Only in 2016 we get into a fire sign, with the Year of the Monkey. This date seems to be on the line with some predictions made by financial analysts who estimated that we need ten years to get out of the current financial mess.

But for 2009, fortune tellers predict massive earthquakes, rising U.S. – Russian tensions and trouble for U.S. President Barack Obama who is born in the Year of the Ox.
He is taking office in a bad year for his Chinese astrological sign and on top of that he is the 44th president, a number considered extremely unlucky by the Chinese. He may even face impeachment in his first year in the office.

Now let’s see what’s in store for the Ox.

First trimester – In your work, you’ll have your feet well planted on the ground, and you’ll show realism and a remarkable sense of organization. This will permit you to lose a minimum of time and to be extremely efficient. If you’ve a precise career plan, you’ll be in a position to realize it point per point and to climb up the hierarchy ladder methodically.
Second trimester – At work, you won’t run the risk of being hampered in your efforts by unforeseen delays. You can even benefit from nice opportunities. If you know how to exploit them fully, you’ll progressively consolidate your situation. Those of you who wish to change their service or choose a new orientation will succeed in this delicate turn. Creation projects will be particularly favored. Nevertheless, be careful not to act imprudently.
Third trimester – The star Thai Duong in harmonic aspect will help you to progress in your work. This will be materialized by a more relaxed, less stressful ambience. At the same time, all the while remaining ready to seize the good opportunities that will present themselves, you’ll be from now on less tense concerning your career, you’ll give less importance to exterior signs of success. This less demanding attitude will render you easier to live with.
Fourth trimester – As far as your work is concerned, the stars will be on the whole favorable and you’ll have nothing serious to fear. But the negative configurations formed by the star Giai Than can provoke temporary difficulties in your work. It’s possible that some of your colleagues show themselves aggressive towards you, or that your hopes of a promotion be thwarted. Whatever may happen, it’s by rounding angles and negotiating that you’ll find solutions, not by reacting to provocations.


First trimester – The planets Tuyet and Giai Than will favor your finances. Some natives will even profit by their influence to reorganize their investments and placements with exceptional lucidity. However, beware not to take too many risks. These two planets are by nature not very positive and therefore aftereffects are possible for those of you who are too extravagant or imprudent.
Second trimester – With the support of the Sun, your budgetary balance should be solid enough. Nevertheless, beware of the badly aspected star Truc Phu, who may get you into a muddle or render you too confident and too optimistic. For once, it’d be better for you to remember that it’s easy to give advice when one doesn’t have to pay the price. If you’ve important financial decisions to make, be it purchases or placements, inform yourself before making a choice and beware of unfounded rumors.
Third trimester – Your money sectors hosting no planet, you’ll have no important pecuniary problem to fear, and also you can count on a particular stroke of luck. It will be up to you to preserve the balance. Beware of your desires for ruinous purchases that may haunt you under the perverse influence of the planet Phong Cao in disharmonic aspect.
Fourth trimester – The stars Kinh Duong and Lam Quan will help you to manage your budget well. Of course, you can’t count on these two stars to have a long period of chance and expansion as the case with bigger and slower planets. It will rather be an easy period of balance during which you’ll have the art to sniff out good business opportunities while succeeding in making some savings.

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