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Hope is the expectation that something outside of ourselves, something or someone external, is going to come to our rescue and we will live happily ever after. – Dr. Robert Anthony

Feb 22, 2009

Oscar 2009- list of winners or just a fake?-Update

Update: After a pretty boring show, the winners-as I remember right now- are:
Kate Winslet- best actress
Penelope Cruz- best supporting actress
Sean Penn- best actor
Heath Ledger- best supporting actor
Slumdog Millionaire- best movie
Departure- foreign language film

Forget all about recession. At least for one evening of glamorous dresses, flawless make-ups and heavy exposure. Today is the Oscar night.
Actually it will start early in the afternoon with a ‘Red Carpet’ preview. Celebrities are going to be shown descending from limousines, with a big smile on their faces and ready to be grabbed by reporters and asked questions such as ‘What are you wearing’ and the lucky designer’s name will be captured by our perked ears.

Who is going to win this year? Would it be Kate Winslet? I root for her, so I definitely would like to hear her acceptance speech.

According to a list leaked by the net and showed by Daily Mail, she is going to win.
But check the list for yourself.
It seems to be real.


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