Bachelor Jason Mesnick- or How fake a so-called reality show can be

I just can’t stop thinking how stupid some people really are. Not necessarily because they swallow the whole ‘reality tv’ crap without chewing it but because they are so much involved in other people’s so-called romance.
Even more, they talk about the participants in that uber stupid show ‘The Bachelor’- add to this The Bachelorette, which is even more ridiculous… if possible- by nicknames. A quick reminder who’s who:
Jason Mesnick- a single dad from around Seattle who was rejected by DeAnna Pappas- and don’t even start me on this silly whiny bimbo- was picked up by ABC to be the next bachelor and was given a chance to find romance and a new life partner.
Melissa and Molly are the final candidates. Who they are or what they do is irrelevant; both seem to be shallow and more in search of their 15 minutes of fame. I mean saying that Melissa was cheerleader is sufficient.

Fans of this show – and you can find them either on ABC’s website or at Fans of Reality TV – call the participants ‘Jay’ and ‘Mel’… enough to see red in front of your eyes.
Why get so much invested in something so obviously fake?

Now the fans are angry at the thought that the producers of the show may have manipulated them and scripted the whole story. Hello!!! It’s a show, it’s supposed to get good rating and how can you get something like that? By creating conflict, controversy, illusions. Giving ‘clues’ and ‘screecaps’ to be dissected and analyzed by women obsessed with finding who is the chosen one, way before anybody else.

Geez! I tried watching the show, I admit that. But I managed to go through about 15 minutes of the first episode and then I switched the channel to CNN. Eventually I watched a few more minutes, here and there, enough to pick only ONE girl I liked: Jillian. Not because she is Canadian, but because she was not only smart and pretty, but she had substance. I was truly happy that she was let go by Jason, who deserves exactly the type of girls he picked as finalists.

Arcg!! I have just remembered another ridiculous season: the one with Matt- the London based ex-banker or whatever- working- at- a- bank and the blonde bimbo, the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas. What a bunch of crap that one was. Anybody with a pea-sized brain could have figured out pretty much right off the bat how phoney the story was.

As a conclusion ‘The Bachelor/Bachelorette’ is the most lame reality show on tv and I hope it would get axed and replaced with something more intelligent.

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  1. I think that Jay-son will pick Molly over Meleeessa bc Me-lisa is a ding-dong and Jillian is too strong of a woman for him. I think he will be with Molly.sigh…btw: where can I get my man card back

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