American Idol- Who is going home tonight?

A recap from yesterday:

Kris: the dark horse of the group was pretty good. I am still not sure if he has the material to be The Idol.
Allison: she is my favorite. I like her voice and I keep my fingers crossed that Simon was wrong on his ‘horrible feeling’ that she may be in trouble. I would say that her performance could have been better, but on the other hand, she landed on the bottom three when she did sing very well. So… let’s hope for the best.
Danny: now, this guy is really getting on my nerves. I liked him in the beginning up to the moment the judges started pimping him out. Geez! that was annoying. OK, so the guy lost his wife, let’s get over our sympathy and admit that he is boring. Sure, his voice is all right for a while, but after that it’s just a raspy voice. And don’t get me started on his smirk. Get rid of that ridiculous smirk Danny!!!!
Matt: he was all right yesterday; not over the moon for his performance, but still much better than other nights. In all honesty, he should be eliminated today. He does not have a voice to remember or to make you buy his CD.
Adam: I am on the fence regarding Adam. Sometimes I like his creativity, other times he gets on my nerves with his falsetto. I would like to hear a song without the screeching and the tongue hanging out. Not a nice image. He has talent but sometimes his arrangements are more to shock than to please. That being said, he is talented and creative, hands down.

About judges:
More often than not I am looking forward to hearing Simon‘s comments. And so are the contestants. He is witty and most of the time down to earth. But yesterday he was a little bit off, especially with regards to Allison.
Paula– I love her. She is such a nice person but because she does not feel comfortable saying anything bad about a performance, she is not taken seriously.
Randy and Kara– they are whatever. Kara seems to be biased. Maybe all of them are.

In conclusion: tonight we should say farewell to Matt if we are to be objective.
As well, for the weeks to come I would like to see the guys leaving in the following order:
– Kris
– Danny

Adam and Allison top two.

I will be surprised to see Allison winning. Based on the info leaked on the net a few days ago, Adam has already the biggest number of downloads.

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