American Idol: Who is going home tonight, May 6, 2009

Oh boy! What a night yesterday was.
Maybe I should start with a recap of performances.


Started the show being his usual bubbling personality. He sang Zeppelin. All right I would rather say. He is the most obvious winner of American Idol ever.
Being the rock week I had high expectations from her. I could have bet that she would sing Janice Joplin and so she did. But unfortunately it was not a stellar performance. I still keep my fingers crossed for her. I really want to see her in final two.
He is so freaking boring. He is kind of cute, but not excessively and I don’t believe he has a big fan base, mostly because he is a newly wed and parading his not pretty wife unit almost on every show. And his ‘Come Together’ choice was NOT a smart one.
Time to go home Danny! His performance was absolutely, by far, the most ridiculous one. He picked up ‘Dream On’ and struggled with the song from the beginning to the awful scream at the end.
What a joke!!!

Duets: Adam and Allison: brilliant. And as per Simon’s comment: it may have saved Allison for another week.
Kris and Danny: unpleasant (that to be polite)

Safe: Adam
On the go: the rest of them
Danny has a huge fan base (I wonder why?? I guess all the pimping from the judges paid off) and he may be saved, although he does not deserve it. Based on that I would say that Allison and Kris are the candidates for elimination, with Kris going home.
I would like so much to see Danny go home. He gets on my nerves.

Update: Allison went home.
I hoped she would have been saved for another week, but her young age and the fact that Danny has that huge, undeserved fan base sealed the deal. I am surprised that Kris is still in the competition.
Oh well, let’s hope for the best to win. Namely Adam.

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