American Idol- May 13, 2009: Who will be eliminated tonight?

Let’s start with a recap of yesterday’s performances (Note: I am still upset over Allison’s elimination):

Song picked up by Paula: ‘Dance little sister’ by Terence Trent D’Arby
Second song was Danny’s choice: ‘You are so beautiful’ by Joe Cocker

I had to try to like him but I failed. I did not like any of the songs. Second one sounded better than the first one, but this is all I could say positive about Danny. I still find him annoying and still believe that he does not deserve to be in the top three. I will not buy his CD for sure.

Song picked up by Kara and Randy: ‘Apologize’ by One Republic
Kris’s choice for the second song: ‘Heartless’ by Kanye West

Now, this is what I call a nice surprise. I had mixed feelings about Kris and at times found him boring. True, not annoying as Danny is to me, but without much spark. Everything changed yesterday and I can see him now as the dark horse of the competition.
That being said, I must admit not being familiar with any of the songs. But I really liked the acoustic guitar version of ‘Heartless’.
Randy made an interesting comment saying that he liked Kris’s version more than the original version. So, I did my homework and looked for the original one. And the verdict is…. Kris was better indeed.
Judge for yourself.

Heartless by Kenye West

Heartless by Kris Allen

It was entertaining to watch Simon bashing Kara and Randy over their whining regarding Kris’s lack of imagination while interpreting the first song. As in being too close to the original. Simon said something along this line ‘You can’t blame him; you picked up the song without getting involved furthermore in the arrangement’. Should I say again that I really like Simon?

Song picked up by Simon: ‘One’ by U2
Adam’s choice: ‘Cryin” by Aerosmith

Simon gloated over his request addressed directly to Bono (U2) to give permission for the song to be sang in the competition. Naturally Bono accepted, especially because it was to be sang by Adam. As much as I like Simon, I disliked this particular comment. I wonder is U2 is in dire need of publicity?
Moving one to my comments: Adam was Adam. And that pretty much is a summary of what happened. ‘Cryin’ is my favorite Aerosmith’s song and I would rather prefer the original version.

I like Adam because he is true to himself and always polite and pretty humble. Huge difference between him and Danny, who should take some lessons in how to be a little bit more humble.

Tight competition between Kris and Danny to secure the second position. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Danny goes home. If not, I would not bother watching the final show because it would not matter. It was bad enough that his fan base won over Allison’s one, to watch him another week is something I can’t stand.
I hope as well that people won’t assume that Adam is safe and still vote for him, although I does not really matter. He has a brilliant career in front of him with or without winning this competition.

Update: Kris and Adam are in the final!!!

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