Young girl dies after getting Cervarix made by GlaxoSmithKline

For the second time in less than two months, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) makes the news again.
Previously it was the diet pill Alli, under investigation by FDA.

Now it’s Cervarix, the cervical cancer vaccine developed by GSK and chosen by the Brits for its cost which was more appealing to them than Gardasil, the version offered by Merck.

I still found it mind boggling that a national health authority will have a mandatory campaign for vaccinating girls for something that it should be better approached like a good sexual education (safe sex anyone?), rather than jumping on the big pharma boats.
Now a young life was lost for what? For making GSK guys richer?
The girl was only 14 for God’s sake. She was given a vaccine she did not really need it. It’s true that Human Papilloma Virus may – emphasis on ‘may’ – lead to cervical cancer later on in life, but are the young girls so promiscuous these days to need a vaccine against this virus? Or is the HPV pandemic to justify the need to make the vaccination mandatory? I don’t think so.
Maybe the schools and parents should start giving the kids a better sex education; maybe if they are told that it’s not really ‘cool’ to start having sex at 12 because it does not make you smarter or more popular, they would start paying attention and instead of getting drunk and engaging in stupid ‘get pregnant competition’ they would choose to enjoy life without taking extra responsibilities they are not prepared to deal with at 12 or 14 year old.

The truth is that mass vaccination programs are just money grabbing schemes.
Side effects including multiple seizures and some deaths after the use of HPV vaccines (both Cervarix and Gardasil) have been reported from around the world.
Still, the official position is that it’s necessary and the benefits outweight the risks.

Maybe the governments should spend money on nicely designed condoms and offer them for free to school kids.

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