Why we should be worried about Japan nuclear crisis

For the past three days we’ve been told not to worry about any radiation exposure; that the radioactive plume being blown by the Jet stream over the ocean is going to reach North American West Coast so diluted that it won’t pose any concerns; that we are thousands of miles from the disaster site and therefore we really should not worry; that here, on the coast of British Columbia, the radiation level won’t even be close to the one experienced in BC Interior on a normal basis.
Still, people rushed and bought all the KI tablet they found, then moved to iodine tincture in preparation for the worst.
I was blaming the vultures and profiteers for buying the items and then selling them at inflated prices on Ebay or Amazon. I still do it. I still believe they should be prosecuted and no, I don’t believe for one second that it’s just a plain supply and demand in place. It’s something horrible, like taking the life line from your neighbours just to make extra money for yourself.

Well, I have news for you, you freaking maggots! You may die too. Why? Because iodine would help only that much and mostly because there are other radioactive particles way more dangerous then Iodine-131, particle that absolutely are going to accompany the radioactive plume if a total meltdown happens.

Here they are, along with the dangers:
– Iodine-131 accumulates in thyroid and it’s especially dangerous in kids. It decays pretty fast in the environment, having a half-life of about 8 days
– Cesium-137 have a half-life of 30 years and it dissolves in water; meaning that it’s going to be taken up by plants and animals
– Cobalt-60 : 5.2 years half-life
– Strontium-90 has the same half-life as Cesium-137 and accumulates in bones and teeth
– Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,000 years

Do you think that was all? Think again.
The following paragraphs are from an article on Global Research:

“Nuclear advocates deride and dismiss public ignorance about radionuclides like, for example, the noble gases. Nuclear advocates frequently state that both xenon and krypton decay and disappear in a matter of seconds or minutes. What they don’t tell us is that these isotopes decay into daughter isotopes that are extremely deadly emitters. Many credible physicians, scientists and other nuclear experts — free of the self-interests of nuclear profits, academic sponsorship or career advancement — have outlined the absence of epidemiological studies of certain radionuclides emitted or flushed at nuclear reactors. Dr. Helen Caldicott has elaborated the detrimental health effects of the noble gases xenon (Xe) and krypton (Kr), and she notes that these have appearance hundreds of miles from reactors believed to have emitted them.

• Xenon 137, with a half-life of 3.9 minutes, converts almost immediately to the notoriously dangerous cesium 137 with a half-life of thirty years.
• Krypton 90, half-life of 33 seconds, decays to rubidium 90, half-life of 2.9 minutes, then to the medically toxic strontium 90, half-life of twenty-eight years.
• Xenon 135 decays to cesium 135 with an incredibly long half-life of 3 million years.
• Large amounts of xenon 133 are released at operating reactors, and although it has a relatively short half-life of 5.3 days, it remains radioactive for 106 days.
• Krypton 85, which has a half-life of 10.4 years, is a powerful gamma radiation emitter.
• Argon 39 has a 265-year half-life.

“Other dangerous noble gases include xenon 141,143 and 144, which decay to cerium 141,143 and 144,” Dr. Helen Caldicott reports in Nuclear Power is Not the Answer. According to the National Council on Radiation Protection (NCRP Report No. 60) these three cerium isotopes,which are beta emitters,are abundant products of nuclear fission reactions and have moderately long half-lives. They bio-concentrate in the food chain, and they irradiate the lung, liver, skeleton, and gastrointestinal tract, where they act as potent carcinogens.”

The same article – Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan
Lifting the Veil of Nuclear Catastrophe and cover-up,by Keith Harmon Snow, continues:

“How much disaster are we talking about? The atomic bomb that exploded at Hiroshima created about 2000 curies of radioactivity. The spent fuel pools at Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant (U.S.) are said to hold about 75 million curies. There are six spent fuel pools at Fukushima, but the numbers of tons of fuel rods in each have not been made public.

The Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) did the math: If Fukushima’s Reactor No. 4 operated for 35 years and produced 30 tons of irradiated fuel per year and each ton is equivalent to 24 times the amount of cesium-137 produced by the Hiroshima bomb, then each fuel pool could contain on the order of 24,000 times the amount of cesium-137 produced by the Hiroshima bomb, if all the produced irradiated fuel remains in the fuel pool.

Nuclear stupidity No. 1: the Fukushima reactor buildings are square (not circular) and had to absorb the force of the tsunami wave straight on.
Stupidity No. 2: six reactors clustered too close together.
Stupidity No. 3: no shoreline protection against a tsunami.
Stupidity No. 4: reactors sited on earthquake faults.
Stupidity No. 5: assumptions and calculations proving that the reactor, prior to its construction, could withstand anything that nature threw at it.
Stupidity No. 6: it didn’t begin in Japan: the industry, with all its corruptions, false assumptions and technological hubris, was born in secrecy in the United States of America.

Stupidity No. 125: spent fuel pools are packed too tightly, as is well-established by industry documents, for economic reasons, discarding safety concerns.
Stupidity No. 458: the Spent Fuel Pools at Fukushima are suspended up high inside the reactor buildings secondary containment — the same buildings whose roofs are blowing off! Are we to believe that the massive explosions that were captured on film, and others that were not, did not damage these elevated time bombs?

How many stupidities do we need to admit before we admit that it can happen in the United States and Europe and Canada too? Imagine those courageous Japanese nuclear workers at Fukushima — sacrificing their lives! — trying to save their families, Japan and the rest of us from our unprecedented stupidity!”

It looks like there is a global conspiracy to cover the facts, save faces, limit liabilities and the loss of money. Again, massive GREED in play. In the mean time, the Japanese are struggling with the lack of food, water, shelters, medication, not to mention the radiation danger and all our governments and big corporation can do is to shut up and cover their tails. Pathetic!!
Even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theory or in Illuminati existence, you can’t ignore the media disinformation or the reports that don’t add up.

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