American Idol- May 11, 2011: Hailey vs Lauren

Just a few thoughts. Let’s start by saying that I am so fed up with J.Lo that I would like to see her vanish into oblivion, which is not going to happen.
I was watching American Idol trying to relax and enjoy it. Well, maybe enjoy is too much to say. However, my relaxation was cut short after Haley’s performance. She sang a Michael Jackson song and you could tell that she gave it all; at the end of the song J.Lo started making faces and voicing her opinion which is and has been for some time totally biased against Haley. See, J.Lo favors Lauren, who is slowly getting on my last nerve, the same way Pia used to do.
So, my relaxation was cut short and I found myself screaming ‘STFU J.Lo! Stupid and pretentious cow!!’
Randy followed through with same stupid comments. The only one that save Haley’s performance was Steven Tyler. Bravo Steven!

OK, Lauren just finished singing. Geez, that girl is 16 looking 26. And surprise, surprise… NOT. The judges again pimped her. Boo!
I am so done watching this show.

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