A world of contrast: super yacht while people starve to death

It’s mind boggling to read that while some areas on our planet struggle with drought, famine, starvation, some designers are busy trying to come up with fancier and crazier super expensive yachts to please whoever would afford to buy them for their own relaxation.

I have no idea how much a yacht such the following may cost; however I am quite sure that money could be spend on better humanitarian causes.
Courtesy of Daily Mail, we present you the next super yacht, coming with its own volcano and waterfall coming down into your private pool. Beach cabanas, helicopter landing pad, cinema, library, spa are just about a few of the pieces that are going to complete the new attempt to defy common sense.



In the mean time, poverty shows its ugly face

This must be what Hell looks like

While some Russian oligarch may contemplate on buying the yacht with the volcano, other people live like this

Some people starve to death; others eat themselves to death. It’s like a pandemic extermination of human race. We live in a world of huge contrasts: on one hand are those (the vast majority) struggling with the everyday life or survival; on the other hand is the small but powerful group of the egomanical, insensitive super rich.

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