Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting divorced

It’s been on the rumour mill forever: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had a fake/contract marriage to cover for him being gay. According to various blind items, the contract was for 5 years and Suri is not Tom’s biological child.
‘The 5 year contract is pretty much believed by everyone here in town. Supposedly the agreement is 5 years, $5 million and no sex. Evidently it was offered to Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba and one other girl (Scarlett Johansen, I think) before it was offered to Katie Holmes. It was well known that Penelope Cruz was also under contact when she was “with” Tom.”’ Source: Oh No They Didn’t!

It looks like the contract expired. Katie is free; however, it’s difficult to say what is going to happen to Suri. Considering that the adopted kids Tom and Nicole had together ended up being with him and the dreaded Scientology cult, everything is possible.
The unnerving piece of news is that Katie has been dropped by the agency representing her. Why now? To make it a double whammy for her? Humiliate her even more? For years she looked like a damn robot, like being drugged most of the time. Now she has a chance to be happy again and bam! Let’s put her out of work, shall we?

Going back in time, I remember watching Golden Globe Awards January 21, 2001, Tom giving the speech for some award; at some point he said to Nicole something like ‘you know why’ and she seemed to be blindsided. ‘On February 5, 2001, the couple’s spokesperson announced their separation.Cruise filed for divorce two days later, and the marriage was dissolved in August of that year, with Cruise citing irreconcilable differences.Kidman was three months pregnant at the time; shortly afterward, she suffered a miscarriage’ Source: Wikipedia

History seems to repeat itself. He is not going to admit any wrongdoing. Even more, some sites report that Katie filled up for divorce and Tom did not see it coming.

He should come out of the closet and put an end to this marriage parody. Instead of that, he is probably already looking for the next beard. Proof? How about the pics with Olga Kurylenko on the set of ‘Oblivion’?
I am not sure why would the ex Bond girl need more exposure, considering that she is in Magic City already, but who knows?

I just wonder if Joshua Jackson is Suri’s biological father?

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