Celebrity Gossips for August 3, 2012

Finally I am catching up with Jennifer Aniston.
As much as I love her and appreciate (read envy) how fantastic she looks, this picture is NOT flattering at all. I understand it’s for a movie, but still. Anyway, it’s refreshing to know that she can look bloated and fat too.

Matt Bomer (White Collar) has a beautiful family. It does not really matter that he is gay. The kids are gorgeous and have nice and normal hair cuts and appropriate clothes. No fancy schmancy designer shit.

Excellent PR Tom Cruise! You should give your PR team a big bonus for the public display of how such a wonderful dad you are. Nice playing ‘Good cop, Bad cop’ and let Katie be the ‘bad’ parent, in charge with discipline, taking the kid to sport and showing her that us, the mere mortals, travel by cabs and commercial airplanes. No, you have to spoil rotten that little girl and give her helicopter rides and take her to Disneyland, Florida instead of Toledo, Ohio. I don’t want to be a 6 year old kid asked to choose between a rich parent giving me everything I want and a stricter one, with much less money and much more discipline. I wonder what my 8 year old would choose.

Karl Lagerfeld has a reputation for being a cunt. And it’s been proved right times and again.
After saying that Adele is fat (true but blunt) and that Pippa should only show her behind because the face is less fortunate (indirectly he called her a fugmuppet), he showed us that he CAN have human emotions. Introducing his white Siamese kitten Choupette. Every villain should have a white Siamese kitten as a trademark.

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