Headlines December 7, 2012

Hospital receptionist who put the Australian pranksters’ call through, dies in suspected suicide

According to Daily Mail “A receptionist at the private hospital which treated the Duchess of Cambridge has died in a suspected suicide – two days after being duped by an amateurish hoax from an Australian radio station.
The woman’s unconscious body was found at an address yards away from King Edward VII Hospital, where she worked, just before 9.30am today.
The emergency services were called and two ambulances were despatched to the central London residence”

I wonder if the DJs in case are proud of themselves now. They were playing with somebody’s life, as they could not have known the emotional state of the person in case.
Regardless the reasons she took her life, the point of origin was the phone call. So, people, stop defending the pranksters! Not everything in life is ‘ha-ha funny!’.
True, she made the mistake of falling to the dupe; maybe English was not her mother tongue, maybe she had many other issues to deal with, maybe she was severely disciplined for the mistake (apparently the hospital denied that). It does not matter why she outed herself. What it does matter is the creepy way of making fun of an unfortunate situation, which was the severe morning sickness the Duchess of Cambridge suffered from.

Our world is going to the crappers, that’s for sure. Still not convinced? Take a look at the next headline:

Silvio Berlusconi set to run again to become Italian prime minister

According to The Telegraph “”Berlusconi is determined to run again and he believes millions of Italians will vote for him,” an insider in Mr Berlusconi’s People of Freedom Party told The Daily Telegraph.”

Seriously? the best option for Italy right now is to have the old crook running the country again? What was so stellar about Berlusconi’ previous performance I wonder? And no, I am not talking about his sexual encounters.

Moving on with the headlines:

Magnitude 7.3 Earthquake, off the east coast of Honshu, Japan

Even if people were urged to move to higher ground, it does not look like it’s going to have the devastating effects of the 2011 one, which had a magnitude of 9.0.

At this point the most important thing is the safety of Fukushima. And according to Reuters ‘The U.N. atomic agency said it had been informed by Japanese authorities that no problems had been detected at nuclear power plants in the region nearest to the epicentre of Friday’s earthquake.

A 7.3 magnitude quake centred off northeastern Japan shook buildings as far away as Tokyo and triggered a one-metre tsunami in an area devastated by last year’s Fukushima disaster, but there were no reports of deaths or serious damage”

More Mother Nature purging?
Death toll from Philippines typhoon climbs past 500

“The death toll from the storm has surpassed 500, with more than 400 people missing.

More than 310,000 people have lost their homes since Typhoon Bopha struck Tuesday and are crowded inside evacuation centers or staying with their relatives, relying on food and emergency supplies being rushed in by government agencies and aid groups”

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