Why I am pro identifying non GMO on food labels?

Despite of what this ninja is saying, I don’t believe that GMO foods are safe for human consumption.

Simplistically explained: regardless what evolutionary theory you fancy, Darwin or Ancient Aliens one, it took thousands of year for humans to reach the developmental stage we are in now.

Around 1990, GMO’s were introduced as a way to ‘eradicate famine’. Skeptics call it ‘population control’ and consider that Monsanto is in cahoots with The Power That Be. Wait, Monsanto IS TPTB!
Nevertheless, if it took thousands of years for the digestive system to develop in accordance to what it’s been fed, how is it possible for the same digestive system to accommodate the new crap we are fed, in only twenty years or so?
And don’t get me started on animals raised on antibiotics and hormones.

So, if genetically modified food was introduced around 1990, how come we still have famine in the word? Would it not be better to teach people how to use a condom than to modify genetic crops to get better yield to feed more mouths?

I still don’t understand why people living in areas with scares resources keep breeding lots of kids, if they can’t feed them? I am not even sure that religion is to be blamed, even if in some cases it’s the real culprit.

I was reading that we NEED genetically modified food because the population on Earth has grown and continues to grow to levels that will make it impossible to have food for everybody.
However, what is approved as ‘safe’ today, it may prove to be otherwise tomorrow, leading to a ban in production of that specific food.

More details about Top 10 genetically modified food here.

If everything is nice and dandy with the food modified genetic, why the resistance to have it identified on labels? Give us, the consumers, the choice to buy non- GMO as we have to choice to buy organic.

And if you think that those 60 countries that banned GMO’s are wrong, maybe you should read Monsanto’s Rogue GMO Wheat Seed .

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