President Trump approves Keystone XL pipeline

President Donald Trump gave the green light for construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. As a reminder, both projects were blocked by Obama.

Of the two projects, Keystone XL is of particular interest for Alberta and ultimately for Canada.

Meanwhile in Canada, the white -Obama – wanna- be Trudeau was caught like a deer in the

headlights when a guy yelled at him and called him ‘a liar or confused, or maybe both’.
The reason?
During a town hall meeting in Ontario, Trudeau mentioned that oil sands will be ‘phased-out’.
In Calgary, the story changed.
“I misspoke.  I said something the way I shouldn’t have said it,” Trudeau said after emerging from a two-day cabinet retreat in downtown Calgary, where Trudeau received the  welcome news that the U.S. has approved the Keystone XL pipeline, a key to reviving Canada’s energy sector that has been depressed by low oil prices and lack of access to oil refineries.”

“That remark enraged political and business leaders in Western Canada at the time and last night’s recalibration angered many at the town as Trudeau’s questioner continued, “When you come to Calgary, you tell people you’re sorry. You are either a liar or you’re confused. And I’m beginning to think it’s both.”
Most of the 1,700 people cheered at the accusation.
Instead of acknowledging any ambiguity in his energy policy, Trudeau claimed absolute consistency, suggesting that he could promote oil pipelines concurrent with controversial climate change legislation.  “I have repeatedly said that yes, the responsibility of any Canadian prime minister is to get our resources to market and yes, that includes our oil sands fossil fuels,” he said.
“I’ve also said that we need to do that in a responsible, sustainable way — that you cannot separate what’s good for the environment and what’s good for the economy.”
Source: Daily Caller

As usual, our PM looked stupid and spoke out of his ass. Sometimes I wonder if he had more than two neutrons that manage to meet each other at least occasionally.

I think it’ time for a ‘Make Canada Great Again’ movement. To paraphrase our neighbours ‘Trudeau is not my Prime Minister’. I did not vote for him and I could not give a shit about him either. He is a product of Ontario and Quebec, elected by the East Canada because their interests aligned with his policy or vice versa.

Historically speaking, it was not much love coming from Ottawa to Alberta and BC. We don’t matter to them. Until we do.

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