Why I am pro identifying non GMO on food labels?

Despite of what this ninja is saying, I don’t believe that GMO foods are safe for human consumption.

Simplistically explained: regardless what evolutionary theory you fancy, Darwin or Ancient Aliens one, it took thousands of year for humans to reach the developmental stage we are in now.

Around 1990, GMO’s were introduced as a way to ‘eradicate famine’. Skeptics call it ‘population control’ and consider that Monsanto is in cahoots with The Power That Be. Wait, Monsanto IS TPTB!
Nevertheless, if it took thousands of years for the digestive system to develop in accordance to what it’s been fed, how is it possible for the same digestive system to accommodate the new crap we are fed, in only twenty years or so?
And don’t get me started on animals raised on antibiotics and hormones.

So, if genetically modified food was introduced around 1990, how come we still have famine in the word? Would it not be better to teach people how to use a condom than to modify genetic crops to get better yield to feed more mouths?

I still don’t understand why people living in areas with scares resources keep breeding lots of kids, if they can’t feed them? I am not even sure that religion is to be blamed, even if in some cases it’s the real culprit.

I was reading that we NEED genetically modified food because the population on Earth has grown and continues to grow to levels that will make it impossible to have food for everybody.
However, what is approved as ‘safe’ today, it may prove to be otherwise tomorrow, leading to a ban in production of that specific food.

More details about Top 10 genetically modified food here.

If everything is nice and dandy with the food modified genetic, why the resistance to have it identified on labels? Give us, the consumers, the choice to buy non- GMO as we have to choice to buy organic.

And if you think that those 60 countries that banned GMO’s are wrong, maybe you should read Monsanto’s Rogue GMO Wheat Seed .

Drugs shortage in Canada

For the past week I keep hearing about the drugs shortage, and by that, I don’t mean the recreational type of drugs. No, it’s about the medication any of us might need at some point: antibiotics, painkillers, etc.

First I heard that Romanians used the shortage to criticize again their government. Then I heard that the shortage is here in Canada as well. Why?
From Canadian Press: “The issue was to be the subject of an emergency debate in the House of Commons on Monday evening.
The problem of drug shortages has been increasing over the last year, both in Canada and elsewhere. But the problem hit a crisis point recently when Sandoz Canada had to temporarily shut down its plant at Boucherville, Que., to make upgrades in response to complaints about the plant from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
The plant, which makes 90 per cent of the injectable drugs used in Canada, experienced a fire during the upgrade process. The plant is expected to resume production in the near future.
Requiring manufacturers to alert the government to pending shortages would allow all jurisdictions to better co-ordinate distribution of scarce available supplies, Demers said”

From Alberta Health Services: “Sandoz Canada recently advised health authorities across Canada to expect reduced availability of a number of different types of injectable drugs over the next 12 to 18 months as they reengineer their production processes to meet manufacturing regulations.
Some products will be discontinued, while the production of others will be temporarily suspended and reintroduced when plant capacity improves. Many of these injectable products are not readily available from other sources and are critical to the provision of patient care”

From The Globe and Mail: “Injectable drugs are so scarce in Canada that doctors across the country are being forced to restrict their use and depart from standard hospital practices.
Some hospitals are urging physicians to hold onto vials containing leftover medicine, instead of throwing them out after a single use. Cancer patients in Alberta have been switched from faster-acting injectable anti-nausea drugs to oral alternatives, and, in Ontario, at least one hospital has suggested staff consider low doses of more potent painkillers as supplies of commonly used drugs like morphine run low”
From the same The Globe and Mail, an article published November 6, 2011 reads:” Medications in short supply in recent months include antibiotics, heart drugs, antidepressants and others. But there have also been emerging shortages of chemotherapy drugs and medications used to anesthetize patients, which has been a source of major concern in the health community.
The pharmaceutical industry says that reasons for the shortages have nothing to do with market manipulation (emphasized by me), but that they are complex and varied, such as contamination or unavailability of important raw ingredients, regulatory problems, safety issues with manufacturing plants, or a sudden and unexpected increase in demand for a particular drug.
Some experts, however, suspect the problem is actually much simpler and may hinge on whether the drugs in question can generate enough sales to make them viable to the company selling them.
The vast majority of drugs that have been in shortage are older generic drugs, which are much cheaper and often in less demand than newer drugs. In some instances, alternatives to these unavailable drugs are more expensive brand-name medications.
A analysis published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine raised serious questions about the fact that most supply problems seem to revolve around inexpensive older drugs that likely don’t generate significant revenue.
“The main cause of the drug shortage is economic,” wrote authors Mandy Gatesman of the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System and Thomas Smith of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins Medicine. “If manufacturers don’t make enough profit, they won’t make generic drugs.
The analysis cites the example of paclitaxel, an important chemotherapy drug that has been in shortage in the U.S. The alternative, Abraxane, costs 19 times the price of the generic paclitaxel, the authors found.
In an interview, Prof. Gatesman, a clinical pharmacy specialist, said it’s difficult to find another explanation for the fact that shortages are disproportionately affecting generic brands.
“Even though no generic company, as far as I’m aware, has come out and said economics was the reason for shutting anything down, it’s really hard to think that that’s not true,” she said.
It’s a position shared by Jacalyn Duffin, a hematologist and medical historian at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. Dr. Duffin launched a website last year to raise awareness of drug shortage problems after one of her cancer patients was unable to get a prescription for an anti-nausea drug filled. She fears that drug manufacturers may simply be phasing out older, less expensive drugs, which would force patients and the health-care system to pay more for newer drugs, she said.
“They’re just letting those drugs go away,” Dr. Duffin said. “The bottom line for patients is to expect more shortages and it could be shortages of really significant drugs like chemotherapy drugs.”
The president of the largest Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company, Apotex, which produces generics, said there is no truth to any claims about shortages being the result of economics. Jack Kay said a major problem is the difficulty in sourcing good active ingredients that meet Canadian standards. Generic companies rely on third parties for active ingredients, which means they are at the mercy of supply-chain glitches, contamination issues and other problems that can result in lengthy drug shortages.
This can be a particular problem for older drugs because the active ingredient may only be produced by a few third parties, Mr. Kay said.
“I think it’s important for Canadians to know there is no manipulation going on here,” he said.
Jeff Connell, vice-president of corporate affairs for the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association, which represents makers of generic drugs, said in an e-mail he knows of “no instance in the Canadian market of a shortage due to the withdrawal of a drug product based on it being unprofitable.”
A statement on the organization’s website says it is working with various partners to find ways to mitigate the impact of shortages on patients. The association also says generic companies in Canada are enacting a host of measures, including investing nearly $100-million over the next three years in new facilities, equipment, systems and staff and allocating more resources to quality control and assurance operations in order to comply with the standards of Health Canada and other regulatory agencies.
Russell Williams, president of Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies, which represents companies selling brand-name drugs, said the industry is dedicated to addressing shortages and working to set up the national monitoring database”
Fast forward from November 2011 to March 2012 and what do we have? Drugs shortages.
All right, now some light was shed in regards to Sandoz. It’s the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s fault. They asked for ‘upgrades’. If Health Canada did not find anything wrong with Sandoz, why did they have to bow down under U.S. pressure? Another disturbing information: apparently Canadian hospitals are not allowed to stockpile medication. What??!!!

I wonder how much the needed medication is going to cost on the black market?
Moving on with another article, this time from LA Times : “Imagine that you had a type of cancer that could be cured with chemotherapy – but supplies of the drug were limited, and you might not get it.
This is the scenario facing an unknown number of patients who normally would depend on drugs like paclitaxel (Taxol), doxorubicin (Doxil), vincristine (Oncovin), methotrexate(Trexall, Rheumatrex), leucovorin and bleomycin (Blenoxane). On Monday, President Obama signed an executive order directing the Food and Drug Administration to take steps to help resolve such shortages. Among them: speed up reviews of new drug-manufacturing facilities and get companies to report shortages earlier, when regulators can do more to manage limited supplies”

Even if you are not a fan of conspiracy theory, when you start connecting the dots some interesting picture starts to emerge.
First of all, here in Canada, we are taxed like it’s no tomorrow. Our cost of living escalated to a level never seen before- at least not by me. 10 years ago we lived comfortably with pretty decent salaries. Now, our salaries are the same as 10 years ago, while everything else increased a lot. Let’s take the gas at the pump. It used to be $0.30, now it’s $1.30. Along with that, the food cost increased. Everything that means the day-to-day life it’s much more expensive than 10 years ago.Meaning that less disposable income for good and healthy food. Meaning that people eat crap and it’s only normal that in 10 year span they develop various illnesses and resistance to antibiotics (see hormones and antibiotics in meat). Add to that genetically modified fruits and veggies. There you go. OK, first step in the agenda of getting rid of part of human population has been accomplished. People are sick. Next step: lets make sure that they don’t have medication or access to medication. And if it’s still not successful, let’s nuke them. I mean, us.

Young girl dies after getting Cervarix made by GlaxoSmithKline

For the second time in less than two months, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) makes the news again.
Previously it was the diet pill Alli, under investigation by FDA.

Now it’s Cervarix, the cervical cancer vaccine developed by GSK and chosen by the Brits for its cost which was more appealing to them than Gardasil, the version offered by Merck.

I still found it mind boggling that a national health authority will have a mandatory campaign for vaccinating girls for something that it should be better approached like a good sexual education (safe sex anyone?), rather than jumping on the big pharma boats.
Now a young life was lost for what? For making GSK guys richer?
The girl was only 14 for God’s sake. She was given a vaccine she did not really need it. It’s true that Human Papilloma Virus may – emphasis on ‘may’ – lead to cervical cancer later on in life, but are the young girls so promiscuous these days to need a vaccine against this virus? Or is the HPV pandemic to justify the need to make the vaccination mandatory? I don’t think so.
Maybe the schools and parents should start giving the kids a better sex education; maybe if they are told that it’s not really ‘cool’ to start having sex at 12 because it does not make you smarter or more popular, they would start paying attention and instead of getting drunk and engaging in stupid ‘get pregnant competition’ they would choose to enjoy life without taking extra responsibilities they are not prepared to deal with at 12 or 14 year old.

The truth is that mass vaccination programs are just money grabbing schemes.
Side effects including multiple seizures and some deaths after the use of HPV vaccines (both Cervarix and Gardasil) have been reported from around the world.
Still, the official position is that it’s necessary and the benefits outweight the risks.

Maybe the governments should spend money on nicely designed condoms and offer them for free to school kids.

Dealing with the dreadful H3N2 Brisbane

My husband got sick last Tuesday.
I got sick on Thursday evening. The whole day at work I had a dry, annoying cough.
As soon as I climbed down of the car in front of my house, I could feel tremendous body aches.
I laid down in bed and in about 2 hours my fever spiked to 39.5°C. During the night it got higher and I could not sleep because I was having chills and could not stop shaking.
I have never been so sick with the flu in my whole life, which made be believe that I was dealing with a different, mutant strain of influenza than anything encountered before.
Now it is Sunday evening and although my fever is manageable- in the 37.5°C range- I still have body aches. And tomorrow I have to go to work. That will not be funny.

Anyway, I just wanted to summarize the symptoms of the flu, just in case somebody else may fall sick and won’t know that NOTHING works!!! So don’t bother with Tamiflu or Relenza, or any kind of antibiotics. You are going to feel so ill in the beginning that you will need to stay in bed and by the time you could drag your tired body to the doctor’s office it’s too late to take any anti-viral, which is effective in the first maximum 48 hours.

Symptoms in order of appearance:
– dry cough
– chest congestion
– severe all over body aches – lower and upper back mostly
– sinus congestion and horrible headaches that won’t go completely away
– fever rises to almost 40°C in matter of hours (sometimes even less)
– you can’t get out of bed and have to keep your eyes closed most of the time because of the constant pain/pressure behind your eyelids
– can’t eat and don’t even try it because you are going to feel like vomiting right away
– dizziness

What we still have after four days of illness, days spent almost exclusively in bed:
– cough (not dry anymore)
– headaches
– dizziness
– low grade fever
– body aches- less severe than before

What we could eat progressively- after two days of no food basically:
– chicken soup
– boiled potatoes
– a small piece of grilled halibut
– oranges

We drank lots of tea with lemon, had one attempt to drink coffee but felt ill after that and renounced.
We took Vitamin C, Echinacea- probably it was too late when we started taking it, Cold FX, Advil- to ease the fever and the headaches. On top of that, I applied compresses with water and vinegar on my husband forehead when Advil was not efficient enough to deal with the high fever.
For cough we were given Robitussin, which I found absolutely horrible and could not take it. Instead of that I opted for a natural syrup, made from pine shoots. Delicious and very efficient.

Now we pray that our five year old will be spared. So far so good.

Canada to outlaw Natural Products?? or Shame on Canada for Bill C-51

What the heck is going on? I was so proud for living here, in Canada, where people’s rights are respected. Not anymore.
I have the right to chose what I believe is good for me and my family. I don’t want or need Big Pharma to tell me what I have to put into my body.
If I don’t want to give my kid antibiotics, I want to have the option of a natural way to enhance his immunity by giving him natural supplements. But it looks like the big pharmaceutical companies are feeling that their profits are not big enough, so they decided to change the legislation.

Here comes Johhhnnnyyy!!!!

A new law being pushed in Canada by Big Pharma seeks to outlaw up to 60 percent of natural health products currently sold in Canada, even while criminalizing parents who give herbs or supplements to their children. The law, known as C-51, was introduced by the Canadian Minister of Health on April 8th, 2008, and it proposes sweeping changes to Canada’s Food and Drugs Act that could have devastating consequences on the health products industry.

Among the changes proposed by the bill are radical alterations to key terminology, including replacing the word “drug” with “therapeutic product” throughout the Act, thereby giving the Canadian government broad-reaching powers to regulate the sale of all herbs, vitamins, supplements and other items. With this single language change, anything that is “therapeutic” automatically falls under the Food and Drug Act. This would include bottled water, blueberries, dandelion greens and essentially all plant-derived substances.

The Act also changes the definition of the word “sell” to include anyone who gives such therapeutic products to someone else. So a mother giving an herb to her child, under the proposed new language, could be arrested for engaging in the sale of unregulated, unapproved “therapeutic substances.” Learn about more of these freedom-squashing changes to the law at the Stop51.com website: http://www.stopc51.com

New enforcement powers allow Canadian government to seize your home or business

At the same time that C-51 is outlawing herbs, supplements and vitamins, it would grant alarming new “enforcement” powers to the thugs enforcement agents who claim to be “protecting” the public from dangerous unapproved “therapeutic agents” like, say, dandelion greens. As explained on the http://www.Educate-Yourself.orgwebsite ((http://educate-yourself.org/cn/canadian…), the C-51 law would allow the Canadian government’s thugsenforcement agents to:

• Raid your home or business without a warrant
• Seize your bank accounts
• Levy fines up to $5 million and a jail terms up to 2 years for merely selling an herb
• Confiscate your property, then charge you storage fees for the expense involved in storing all the products they stole from you

C-51 would even criminalize the simple drying of herbs in your kitchen to be used in an herbal product, by the way. That would now be categorized as a “controlled activity,” and anyone caught engaging in such “controlled activities” would be arrested, fined and potentially jailed. Other “controlled activities” include labeling bottles, harvesting plants on a farm, collecting herbs from your back yard, or even testing herbal products on yourself! (Yes, virtually every activity involving herbs or supplements would be criminalized…)

There’s more, too. C-51 is the Canadian government’s “final solution” for the health products industry. It’s a desperate effort to destroy this industry that’s threatening the profits and viability of conventional medicine.

Natural medicine works so well—and is becoming so widely used—that both the Canadian and American governments have decided to “nuke” the industries by passing new laws that effectively criminalize anyone selling such products. They simply cannot tolerate allowing consumers to have continued access to natural products. To do so will ultimately spell the destruction of Big Pharma and the outdated, corrupt and criminally-operated pharmaceutical industry that these criminally-operated governments are trying to protect.
Join the rally to protest C-51

On May 9th, 2008, Canadian citizens will be gathering at the Calgary Federal Court to protest C-51 and help protect their access to natural health products. Call 1-888-878-3467 to learn more, or visit the action page of Health Canada Exposed at: www.stopc51.com
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

Source: www.globalresearch.com

I am totally and utterly disgusted. We have the option of buying natural products; nobody forces us to do it. And we do buy them because they are better than the drugs that have a gazillion of side effects which makes you think twice if you are going to take them or not.
Comm’on, you turn on the TV and at least one commercial is about drugs. If you pay a little bit of attention, by the end of the peachy-nice-living-on-could-nine presentation, the voice will tell something like:”the side effects include” and a long list follows. Then you put in balance two options: deal with your illness or face the risk of dying of hemorrhage or other nasty side effects of the drug? I am not absurd, there are situations when you have to take drugs and not follow the natural way. But for minor cases, why would the government take our right to chose? Just because the big pharmaceutical companies want more money?

I remember when a few years ago, some guys started the ‘organic’ business. The hell broke loose, with the food giants screaming bloody murder and the small ‘organic’ entrepreneurs forced to fight the bureaucratic system trying to sell their products.
Now it gained popularity because it is better for your health to eat meat without hormones and antibiotics, or vegetables not treated with pesticides.

Shame for the Canadian government for even taking into account the proposal dubbed Bill C-51 and damn you for getting your conscience bought with dirty money. Would you go so far as to ‘criminalize’ parents for giving natural products?
What about criminalizing parents who sexually abuse their kids??!!
What’s wrong with this freaking society??!!!!!!!