Celebrity Gossips for August 3, 2012

Finally I am catching up with Jennifer Aniston.
As much as I love her and appreciate (read envy) how fantastic she looks, this picture is NOT flattering at all. I understand it’s for a movie, but still. Anyway, it’s refreshing to know that she can look bloated and fat too.

Matt Bomer (White Collar) has a beautiful family. It does not really matter that he is gay. The kids are gorgeous and have nice and normal hair cuts and appropriate clothes. No fancy schmancy designer shit.

Excellent PR Tom Cruise! You should give your PR team a big bonus for the public display of how such a wonderful dad you are. Nice playing ‘Good cop, Bad cop’ and let Katie be the ‘bad’ parent, in charge with discipline, taking the kid to sport and showing her that us, the mere mortals, travel by cabs and commercial airplanes. No, you have to spoil rotten that little girl and give her helicopter rides and take her to Disneyland, Florida instead of Toledo, Ohio. I don’t want to be a 6 year old kid asked to choose between a rich parent giving me everything I want and a stricter one, with much less money and much more discipline. I wonder what my 8 year old would choose.

Karl Lagerfeld has a reputation for being a cunt. And it’s been proved right times and again.
After saying that Adele is fat (true but blunt) and that Pippa should only show her behind because the face is less fortunate (indirectly he called her a fugmuppet), he showed us that he CAN have human emotions. Introducing his white Siamese kitten Choupette. Every villain should have a white Siamese kitten as a trademark.

The most dangerous cults in the world

The buzz is that starting next week, the Church of Scientology (Co$) will start leaking damaging information about Katie Holmes.
I guess the secrets gathered during their mandatory audits will be aired out. It’s not that we are surprised, considering the reputation they have and the fact that Tom Cruise is their golden poster child. Intimidation, defamation, law suits are among the tools the Co$ is using against detractors.

‘Religion refers to systems of general compensators based on supernatural assumptions’ by Rodney Stark and William Sims Bainbridge in their book A Theory of Religion.

In their delusion the Scientologists can’t understand that their precious Co$ is very much detested by most people. The common mortals won’t even consider it a ‘church’; more like a ‘cult’. A dangerous one for that matter. Actually is it any non dangerous cult around?
A quick net search provided the following list. And guess what? Scientology is among them.
I would add other cults to the list to get a better picture about how a group of people exploit others and get a tax-free ride under the religious umbrella.

1. Church of Bible Understanding: Members of the cult live in a commune and donate 90% of their income to the cult; the leader of the cult is Stewart Traill and according to former members, Traill controls every aspect of members’ lives through harsh criticism, shame, and public humiliation.
2. Manson Family: the cult was started by Charles Manson, a reject of society and his own mother (Note: Freud’s teaching pointed to childhood as a place to visit to explain people’s behaviour) and ended with a string of murders, the most prominent one being Sharon Tate
3. Aum Shinrikyo– the religious cult started as a yoga and meditation class in Tokyo and ended with a Sarin attack; it was dubbed ‘the religion for the elite’; eventually it changed, allowing other people to join. ‘The cult started attracting controversy in the late 1980s with accusations of deception of recruits, and of holding cult members against their will and forcing members to donate money. A murder of a cult member who tried to leave is now known to have taken place in February 1989’ Source: http://listverse.com/2007/09/15/top-10-cults/
4. Restoration of the 10 Commandments: formed in Uganda, as a breakaway group from the Roman Catholic Church; the teachings put strong emphasis on the apocalypse. Mass graves were found after a fire in 2000, when an estimated 800 cadavers were found.
5. Raëlism: Raelian Church or Raëlism, is a UFO religion founded by a an alleged contactee named Claude Vorilhon, that favors physicalism- the belief that everything is physical, and denies the existence of soul and a supernatural god-like entity
6. Scientology: It has been described as a cult and commercial enterprise, known for harassing and suing its critics, and for abusing the trust of its members. One of the major tenets of Scientology is that a human is an immortal alien spiritual being- thetan- that is presently trapped on planet Earth in a physical body and forgot their true nature. The main character is Xenu.
7. Order of the Solar Temple: lots of controversy surrounds this cult, still active even after making headlines for mass suicide and murders committed in Switzerland and Quebec, Canada
8. Heaven’s Gate: combination of Christian beliefs and UFO; some members submitted to voluntary castration; died by mass suicide
9. Branch Davidians: leader was David Koresh; the cult was known due to the ATF and FBI siege that resulted in the death of 82 members of the cult, including the leader
10. Unification Church or Mooneyism
11. Children of God
12. Jehova’s Witness
13. Mormonism

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting divorced

It’s been on the rumour mill forever: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had a fake/contract marriage to cover for him being gay. According to various blind items, the contract was for 5 years and Suri is not Tom’s biological child.
‘The 5 year contract is pretty much believed by everyone here in town. Supposedly the agreement is 5 years, $5 million and no sex. Evidently it was offered to Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba and one other girl (Scarlett Johansen, I think) before it was offered to Katie Holmes. It was well known that Penelope Cruz was also under contact when she was “with” Tom.”’ Source: Oh No They Didn’t!

It looks like the contract expired. Katie is free; however, it’s difficult to say what is going to happen to Suri. Considering that the adopted kids Tom and Nicole had together ended up being with him and the dreaded Scientology cult, everything is possible.
The unnerving piece of news is that Katie has been dropped by the agency representing her. Why now? To make it a double whammy for her? Humiliate her even more? For years she looked like a damn robot, like being drugged most of the time. Now she has a chance to be happy again and bam! Let’s put her out of work, shall we?

Going back in time, I remember watching Golden Globe Awards January 21, 2001, Tom giving the speech for some award; at some point he said to Nicole something like ‘you know why’ and she seemed to be blindsided. ‘On February 5, 2001, the couple’s spokesperson announced their separation.Cruise filed for divorce two days later, and the marriage was dissolved in August of that year, with Cruise citing irreconcilable differences.Kidman was three months pregnant at the time; shortly afterward, she suffered a miscarriage’ Source: Wikipedia

History seems to repeat itself. He is not going to admit any wrongdoing. Even more, some sites report that Katie filled up for divorce and Tom did not see it coming.

He should come out of the closet and put an end to this marriage parody. Instead of that, he is probably already looking for the next beard. Proof? How about the pics with Olga Kurylenko on the set of ‘Oblivion’?
I am not sure why would the ex Bond girl need more exposure, considering that she is in Magic City already, but who knows?

I just wonder if Joshua Jackson is Suri’s biological father?