Toys “R” Us Canada recalls Aqua Dots

My son has been asking for months for this Aqua Dots toy. Luckily for us, I did not buy it.

The toy consists of hundreds of coloured beads that can be arranged into various shapes and designs, and it’s approved for use by children ages four and above in Canada.

With a special 4 colour chamber pen you arrange the beads on a template, then spray water and wait for it to dry.


Yesterday Toys “R” Us recalled the popular toy after it was discovered that a similar product in Australia releases a hallucinogenic drug when swallowed by kids.

The Australian version of the toy- called Bindeez- was found coated with a chemical that releases the drug gamma-hydroxy butyrate, also known as GHB or fantasy, when swallowed.

GHB, also known as liquid ecstasy, is a depressant that can lead to euphoria, lowered inhibitions, increase sexual desire, as well as dizziness, drowsiness and memory lapses. High doses can cause severe side effects, including hallucinations, seizures, vomiting, black outs, coma and death.

Bindeez, sold by Moose Enterprise in Australia, has been named toy of the year 2007.

Two kids landed in hospital after they swallowed some beads but recovered since then.

It was not immediately known where Bindeez is made.

Aqua Dots, distributed in North America by Spin Master Ltd  will not be available at Toys “R” Us for the foreseeable future. Spin Master noted that both Aqua Dots and Bindeez are manufactured by Moose Enterprise .

According to the media release from Moose Enterprise   they voluntarily recalled the Bindeez from Australian market and is fully cooperating with health and consumers organisations.

The products are manufactured by internationally approved Chinese toy manufacturers.

So the mistery is solved: the toys are manufactured in China.

Media release
7 November 2007

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