Commission Junction: good alternative?

One of my New Year Resolutions is to launch at least one website that would generate money.
I took advantage of some extra vacation days to start reading more about affiliate marketing. Having a bad experience with one I was pretty reluctant and stubborn to think outside the box.

This is what I did so far:
-I have enrolled into Commission Junction affiliate program
– Being a little bit more educated I started understanding the information about various affiliate programs. I checked a few affiliates I may be interesting promoting.
– At that point I realized that I have to have a website more specific; mine it’s too general. It’s started as a blog to share my findings and dreams and now it’s time to move on to the next level. I will keep the categories but concentrate my writings to only two of three
– I can foresee a problem: getting accepted by the affiliates; if your website is not very popular (and mine it’s not so far) and does not have any marketing tools, like using adwords for example, the chances are that the good affiliates would turn down my application. But I am going to give it a try anyway.

My action plan includes:
– Fine tuning my website in order to put emphasis on something I know and I am interested about: health, diet and nutrition
– If my Google Analytics would start showing more activity to the site I would consider bidding for some adwords in order to get more traffic to the site, and consequently more money from affiliates
– I know that I am getting into a highly competitive territory, with savvy and veteran probloggers in direct competition with, therefore I will have to use my brain to find a still profitable niche. Good Luck to me!

That being said, I feel a little bit more confident about reaching my goal.
I had the pleasant surprise to realize that you are getting approved by Commission Junction as easy as getting into Amazon affiliate program.
I certainly hope that money will be better. So far I did not make anything with Amazon.
Even if I had visitors clicking on products, they did not buy. At least not from Amazon or not at that time.
I guess if they would have gone later on to Amazon to make the purchase, it would not have been credited to my website.

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