Moving to a different job?

In a nutshell the situation is like this: about two months ago the company I am working for, started firing people. I was among the lucky ones to be kept. But for how long? I am not sure anybody knows at this point.
I am not used to being fired, I have never been and it’s the type of experience I don’t want to get. But I have to face the reality, and the reality is scary.
Due to the sub-prime problem in the U.S, phenomenon that has a ripple global effect, the company is losing money.
Sub-prime crisis generated construction crisis in the States and that branched into a lumber crisis in Canada. Throw into the equation the stronger than normal Canadian dollar and here we are: people are losing jobs in Canada.
I have no freaking idea why we are not into recession as well. I started questioning if the journalists are deliberately misinforming people to keep them stupid and happy, because I really can’t comprehend how they sound so optimistic and how the statistics show that the unemployment rate is low. Even better: jobs are created.
WTF?!! What jobs? where? Flipping burgers at McD?
Except sales jobs it’s not much happening around.

My point is: should I start looking for a job or just play the Russian roulette and wait?
I have a job interview scheduled for Thursday and it involves something that I would really like to do, something that I am good at.
The downside: commuting time. Right now I drive 15 minutes top from my house to my job.
The other job would be more like one hour and something one way. Not funny.

When you are in situations like this, moving or considering moving to another job not for money, but for the security reasons, it’s very stressful. You doubt and blame yourself for not being able to anticipate what it might come, you think you could be objective and rational, but the truth is you are not. You are in panic, you feel sick on your stomach and try to read between lines and interpret the body languages of your current colleagues.
I got an email saying that if we are not launching a product this year to a certain European Market, it might not happen at all.
My translation:‘we think about firing you sometime this year, meaning that if we don’t do it now, we are not going to have the resource/translations/contacts to do it when you are not here anymore’.
Maybe I am wrong, but I really don’t have any sense of ‘wow, my job is secure and nothing will happen to it’.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that events are part of a bigger picture. They happen because it has to be that way.
Sometimes, actually most of the time, it’s almost impossible to understand why something is happening. You just have to wait until that piece of the puzzle will fit into the picture.
And if I am to get another job it’s because indeed my position right now is vulnerable.

I have a family I am worried about. My family is my world and my duty is to do the best in my ability to keep them happy.
If that means commuting three hours, be it like this.
If there is a Supreme Power of any kind, I would appreciate if it would help me make the right decision and help me get the job that would be permanent, secure and fulfilling.

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