I signed up with PayPerPost

Yes I did it! And I am thrilled and happy for having my blog accepted by PayPerPost.

Sometimes in September 2007 I started thinking about writing my thoughts. This is how the whole saga started.
I like to write, I am pretty opinionated and being a baby boomer, I would say that I have life experience as well.
I have reached a point in my life when I would like to share my experience, my trials and tribulations dealing with infertility, with keeping weight under control, with dealing with corporate politics and finally, to share my dreams about traveling to sacred places.
Browsing the net I realized that some people are making money from writing, not only from marketing affiliate sites. That was the turning point of the whole blogging adventure.
I did not know anything about internet marketing, so that venue was a moot point. Being paid to write, that sounded really appealing.

When I came across blog advertising it looked like it could become reality.

Naïve as I have been, I did not realize that you do have to meet some criteria to qualify. I have just thought that having a blog would be sufficient. Well, after about half a year of blogging it started making sense why you have to meet requirements.
In terms of getting you accepted, PayPerPost is generous and levels the field to everybody.

The criteria are:
– Have a blog at least three months old
– Write original, good quality posts; people would come and read if they could find something interesting, something that maybe helps them make decisions
– Your postings should be evenly spread over the time

Will I be successful? Only time will tell. I will do my best not to compromise my moral integrity as well.
Making money is good, but in the end it’s even better to feel that you served the good cause of helping other people.

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