The child prodigy who started playing piano at two

Sour grapes is a new category in my blog. I guess everybody knows the fox and the grapes fable by Aesop. The fox declared that he didn’t care that he could not reach an attractive bunch of grapes because he imagined they were probably sour anyway. You express sour grapes when you put down something you can’t get or when you are bitter about something.
The best sour grapes is the one about winning the lottery, as in ‘winning the lottery is a big headache anyway’ or ‘I don’t even want to win the lottery because I am sure it’s cursed’
First entry is a story about the little Marc Yu, nine-year-old, dubbed ‘The Little Mozart’ who will make his debut at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Sunday. He made his concert debut, on the piano and cello, at six – the same age as Mozart.
Marc started playing the piano at a friend’s birthday party in Los Angeles when he was only two. As the other children sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, he went over to the piano and started playing the tune. Six months later, Marc gave his first public recital, playing Beethoven. He credits his mom for playing Beethoven CDs when she was pregnant with him.
He practices eight hours a day, is home schooled and according to his mother, he learns in 30 minutes what other kids learn in eight hours. Ouch!! His mom does not sound very humble, does she? Recently he developed interest in gambling games like blackjack and poker.

I played lots of classical CDs when I was pregnant with my kid and he is not a prodigy. He does not even want to play the piano and he is almost five. His relationship with our piano resumes to making sure he is not crushing his fingers under the piano lid.

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