The past few days were burning hot with all the rumors surrounding Sarah Palin and with each passing day more details surface.

She seems to be a very driven career woman and a fierce mother. Both attributes would be all right in normal circumstances, but really disturbing in her case.
Why? Because some things don’t add up. Or maybe they are if you take into account her desire to succeed politically. Maybe it made sense to throw her daughter under the bus.

I am a woman who gave birth when I was 43. And it would not have crossed my mind not to be as close as possible to a hospital. My son was perfectly healthy and I still took all the possible precautions not to expose him to any risks. Hence cancelling all my business trips two months prior to the expected due date.
And we have Sarah Palin, allegedly pregnant with a baby diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. She was 44 and the pregnancy was deemed as high risk.
What is she doing in these circumstances? Travel to Texas, deliver a speech, go into labor (amniotic liquid leaked), ignore the common sense to rush to any hospital in the proximity to have your baby checked to make sure he is still safe, expose him to a huge risk for infection and flight back home to Alaska.
Taking 2 commercial flights!! Passing two big hospitals in Anchorage, both with neonatal units so needed in case of a preemie with genetic abnormalities and choosing an obscure hospital without any qualified doctor to look after the new born. Some people would say that because she had four kids before she would recognize the signs of impending labor and estimated that she’s got enough time to fly back home. But each pregnancy is different, it’s no way you can guesstimate what’s going to happen. I am not going to touch the issue of missing pregnancy photos.

If it’s true that this is what indeed happened, why anybody would want to vote for such an irresponsible person?
Selfish, stupid and irresponsible. Would you like a VP like this?

What if the whole thing was staged to cover Bristol’s pregnancy?
What if Bristol was out of school for a year because she was pregnant, not because she suffered of mononucleosis?
What if she was raped?
What if Sarah Palin has been caught in a lie bigger than her beehive? Lie that may involve health scam. Why health scam? Because a special need child needs lots of financial help. A mother in a governmental position may get this help, but her daughter? Probably not. – I refuse to believe that she was so stupid, but you never know.

McCain must do a very rapid damage control and put this story to rest. And the fastest way to do it is to release Gov. Palin’s health records. It’s standard protocol. McCain did it, Obama as well and Biden will follow.
I would suggest a birth record of the little Trig as well, but apparently it could not be found???
Even the birth certificate will do it, because it must identify the parents.
The last piece of info should be about Bristol school attendance.

In the mean time, it beats the shit out of me why McCain chose Gov. Palin. His hope was to attract the unhappy Hillary Clinton’s female supporters.
But if they have only half a brain they will read Sarah Palin’s opinions and run as fast as they can.
Here they are:
– She believes abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape or incest or to save the life of the mother. Even more, she wants to see the Roe vs. Wade verdict reversed
– She doesn’t believe global warming is man-made
– She wants creationism taught in schools
– She wants to ban all stem-cell research
– She is pro-war, pro-guns (lifetime membership with NRA), pro-big business (read oil) and pro-life (with abstinence as a birth control method)

She should be dropped like a hot potato. The way I see it is that instead of getting some Democrat votes, the Republicans are going to lose lots. Undecided voters may feel more comfortable now voting for Barack Obama as the next president of the USA.

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  1. I found the circumstances surrounding the birth of Palin’s son Trig a little hard to understand. I’m not a mother but I was rather intimately involved with the birth of my children (one of whom is Down’s Syndrome) and there is no way my wife would have behaved remotely similar to Palin before Sarah was born (Sarah is our youngest girl with DS). Kathy was 32 when Sarah was born. There seems to be an awful lot of odd coincidences in this matter not the lest of important of which is her daughter’s one year absence from school because of mononucleosis? Yes, and I’m sure the dog ate Bristol’s homework too…Mononucleosis rarely lasts more than a couple of months with relapses not unusual. Claiming that the child was sick for a year and couldn’t attend school presumably because this is an infectious disease is something of a stretch.

    There’s are many reasons to distrust Palin mostly because the woman is simply incompetent. But it also appears as if the purported reformer is being investigated for using the contractors who built the Wasilla sorts center to build her house, and, this contractor amazingly built it for free. And these same contractor was the contractor who made the renovations on Ted Stevens’ home. I caution that this is rumor and I found no evidence for any official investigation–yet.

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