Political turmoil forecast: Clinton vs Palin

I would absolutely love to see a debate between these two women. Palin would roll her doe eyes and avoid every question that would not have a scripted answer. Her self proclaimed ‘I am a pit bull with lipstick’ won’t help against the rough and intelligent Senator Clinton. Palin may be able to impress the guys with her experience as a participant to a Miss contest, she may be able to bully a super nice guy like Joe Biden, but the whole hell would freeze before Hillary Clinton would be intimidated by the Caribou Barbie. I have never thought that Hillary Clinton is a nice person, a likeable one, but she is a very good and strong politician. She is not a dummy with designer glasses and I believe and I reiterate that Obama made a huge mistake not choosing her as a running mate. Regardless his reasons, he should have put the interests of the country ahead of his stupid ego.

The rumors started circulating on the net some days ago that Obama may be forced to replace Biden with Clinton and resurfaced today. Of course, they were denied by the Democrats and by some political analysts. Some would say it’s a political suicide that could cost the Democrats the presidency. But let’s face it: they are already in a deep shit. With all the ridiculous things McCain is doing, the republicans are still not convinced that he is a bad choice and that Palin is a nightmare prospect. And even worse, part of the Democrats don’t want Obama, it’s quite clear. It does not even matter if the reason is racism or anything else. They would rather not vote anybody or deflect to the Republican camp than vote for Obama.
In the mean time, feeling vulnerable upon the arrival of Moose-Shooting-Barbie, Obama asked Senator Clinton and her husband to campaign on various key states, to charm the undecided electorate.
A recent Associated Press-Yahoo News poll showed former Clinton backers are still reluctant to support Obama. The survey showed just 58 percent of them back him – unchanged since a similar poll in June.
Other polls clearly show that if it were Senator Clinton versus Senator McCain, or Mrs. Clinton versus Mrs. Palin, the senator of New York would be sitting in the Oval Office come January.

While Obama should be worried about fixing the stupid mistake of not choosing Hillary Clinton, McCain is doing his damage control by not allowing Palin to participate in any debate. Duh!! It’s pretty obvious that she is just a form without substance. I mean, being a bully won’t give you substance; being a mayor of Wasilla, population 7000, won’t give you ‘executive experience’ and seeing Russia from your house definitely won’t make you an expert in international politics. Palin was sent to UN meetings to meet some international leaders but the press was not allowed to witness the historical moment of Palin talking about something else other then kids.
Then she was not allowed to participate in any debate, because allegedly Republicans are concentrating now on the most stringent issue of saving what it can be saved of the financial mess the deregulation of the investment banks threw the Wall Street into. So forget about the campaign or the debates.

McCain pissed off David Letterman and I am looking forward to hearing the next years of jokes about McCain. Letterman is not a guy you want to cross over. He had the guts and the persistence to proclaim his grief against the ‘Queen’ Oprah, the American sweetheart (whatever) after she refused to come to his show.
MSNBC reported on Wednesday afternoon that John McCain canceled a scheduled appearance on CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman” mere hours before he was slated to tape the show Wednesday as part of the suspension of his campaign.

Sometime during his interview with Keith Olbermann, Dave fond out that McCain was, in fact just down the street being interviewed by Katie Couric. Dave cut over to the live video of the interview, and said, “Hey Senator, can I give you a ride home?”
Letterman also said:
“The road to the White House runs right through me”
“He can’t run the campaign because the economy is cratering? Fine, put in your second string quarterback, Sarah Palin. Where is she?”

Watch the vitriolic and well deserved attack David Letterman launched on McCain and Palin

McCain proved one more time that he is not capable of confronting guys like Letterman, Stewart or Colbert. Palin probably is even less prepared for real wits.

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