Chinese Horoscope 2009- Dog

I started yesterday to post the horoscope for 2009. The first one was mine. According to the Chinese horoscope, I am a rat. Western horoscope makes me a Leo (lioness to be more precise).

Today is my husband’s.
As I explained yesterday, in order to understand the Chinese trimesters, here they are according to the Year of the Ox (2009):

Year of the Ox 2009

1. First trimester: 26 January through 24 April 2009
2. Second trimester: 25 April through 19 August 2009
3. Third trimester: 20 August through 16 November 2009
4. Fourth trimester: 17 November 2009 through 13 February 2010


First trimester – Absolute calm in the financial sector which hosts no planet during this period. You should therefore have no major problem to cope with; but don’t conclude that you can commit follies. It’s true temptations will be great at this moment and you’d better avoid giving in thoughtlessly. It’s possible you’ll be faced with a remainder of debts of which you can’t no longer postpone the reimbursement.

Second trimester
– With the star Tu Vi in your finances sector, you can forget your pecuniary worries. First, money will regularly get into your accounts. Second, you’ve made since some time placements which now begin to yield benefits. You’ll thus be rewarded for your reasonable management and for your praiseworthy saving efforts. However, the badly aspected star Thai Duong might incite you to inconsiderate expenses.

Third trimester – You who insist on preserving the balance of your accounts can feel fully reassured on the pecuniary plane. Indeed, no planet will come to threaten the sectors of your chart related to finances. But on the other hand you can’t expect fabulous incomes. You’ll have the desire to please your nearest and dearest and you’d even like to make a costly purchase. However, faithful to your reputation as a wise manager, you won’t confuse generosity with squandering.

Fourth trimester – Your financial balance will be protected by a beneficent planet, Tu Vi, who should as a rule assure you of good stability. Those of you who’ve gone through a lean period can expect more significant incomes. The situation will therefore be ripe for managing your budget at best. You should profit by it to open a savings account: This will help you to put some money aside each month and, slowly but surely, to build up a capital.


First trimester – With the star Thien Phuc in this aspect, you can look to your professional future with confidence. If you’re unemployed, you’ll be practically assured of finding a job again. If your present situation doesn’t satisfy you, you can improve it or even find a new, more interesting job. Everything will therefore be for the best. But in this domain as in others, beware not to let yourself be too much influenced by the star Cu Mon: If you show yourself too demanding, you won’t fully profit by the support of the star Thien Phuc.

Second trimester
– Tu Vi, the star of success, will favor your relations with your superiors and will help you to assume your responsibilities. At the same time, numerous planets will favorably influence your comportment and sharpen your intellectual vivaciousness as well as your communication faculties. As for the Sun, he will increase your desire to shine. Thus you’ll have excellent means to reach your goals. Simply beware of the star Pha Quan who could prevent you from being clear-sighted and lead you to a false road.

Third trimester – The domain of work will be highlighted. The stars Vu Khuc and Thien Dong will stimulate you intellectually and strengthen the interest you have in your job. More efficient and better organized than ever, you’ll have the best means to bring your projects to a successful conclusion. However, beware of the star Pha Quan, who could make it difficult for you to concentrate on your tedious tasks. Should this be the case, you can anyway count on the star Dia Vong, who’ll come to recharge you with enthusiasm and positive energy.

Fourth trimester
– The work sector will give you the greatest satisfactions. This won’t be the first time as you’re among those who do not spare their ardor at work and therefore it’s natural that your efforts be rewarded. This will certainly be the case: With the beneficent aspects of the star Dia Vong, there’ll be a promotion in the air. You could find yourself be entrusted with new responsibilities or must prove your worth in a new activity; but you’ll feel quite able to take up the challenges.


First trimester – This planetary climate may make you a little nervous. Stop to stimulants! You’ll actually feel better if you renounce coffee, strong tea, alcoholic beverages, liquors, tobacco, and spicy sauces. Tell yourself that there exist many, many other pleasures in life that are not only harmless but also invigorating. Only take the latters. This period will be very favorable to increasing health with water (water cure, thalassotherapy, etc.).

Second trimester
– Good health on the whole. However, the lunar influences of this period may somewhat lessen your energy, especially if you’re born in a Water year. Be vigilant, for you’ll be vulnerable to blows and wounds and to various small affections which will considerably bother you. Be attentive to the various alarms emitted by your body. Don’t scatter your efforts, for this can be detrimental to your professional life.

Third trimester – The star Hoa Ky will slightly weaken your tonicity and your resistance to fatigue. But nothing serious will threaten you. It will suffice to take more rest than usual and you’ll be all right. On the other hand, this planet will prove very beneficial to all those who want to improve their health or who embark on a dietary program; thanks to him, you’ll have enough willpower to keep up your resolutions.

Fourth trimester – Subjected to the dissonances of the planet Hoa Loc, you’ll show certain lack of vitality. It’s really a pity since the period as a whole seems rather good. In the absence of punch and tonicity, rely on your tenacity in order to overcome the obstacles which separate you from your objectives. You’ll probably be disconcerted and stressed by the evolution of certain events if you aren’t well prepared for them.

Source: the same as yesterday

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