Dealing with the dreadful H3N2 Brisbane

My husband got sick last Tuesday.
I got sick on Thursday evening. The whole day at work I had a dry, annoying cough.
As soon as I climbed down of the car in front of my house, I could feel tremendous body aches.
I laid down in bed and in about 2 hours my fever spiked to 39.5°C. During the night it got higher and I could not sleep because I was having chills and could not stop shaking.
I have never been so sick with the flu in my whole life, which made be believe that I was dealing with a different, mutant strain of influenza than anything encountered before.
Now it is Sunday evening and although my fever is manageable- in the 37.5°C range- I still have body aches. And tomorrow I have to go to work. That will not be funny.

Anyway, I just wanted to summarize the symptoms of the flu, just in case somebody else may fall sick and won’t know that NOTHING works!!! So don’t bother with Tamiflu or Relenza, or any kind of antibiotics. You are going to feel so ill in the beginning that you will need to stay in bed and by the time you could drag your tired body to the doctor’s office it’s too late to take any anti-viral, which is effective in the first maximum 48 hours.

Symptoms in order of appearance:
– dry cough
– chest congestion
– severe all over body aches – lower and upper back mostly
– sinus congestion and horrible headaches that won’t go completely away
– fever rises to almost 40°C in matter of hours (sometimes even less)
– you can’t get out of bed and have to keep your eyes closed most of the time because of the constant pain/pressure behind your eyelids
– can’t eat and don’t even try it because you are going to feel like vomiting right away
– dizziness

What we still have after four days of illness, days spent almost exclusively in bed:
– cough (not dry anymore)
– headaches
– dizziness
– low grade fever
– body aches- less severe than before

What we could eat progressively- after two days of no food basically:
– chicken soup
– boiled potatoes
– a small piece of grilled halibut
– oranges

We drank lots of tea with lemon, had one attempt to drink coffee but felt ill after that and renounced.
We took Vitamin C, Echinacea- probably it was too late when we started taking it, Cold FX, Advil- to ease the fever and the headaches. On top of that, I applied compresses with water and vinegar on my husband forehead when Advil was not efficient enough to deal with the high fever.
For cough we were given Robitussin, which I found absolutely horrible and could not take it. Instead of that I opted for a natural syrup, made from pine shoots. Delicious and very efficient.

Now we pray that our five year old will be spared. So far so good.

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