American Idol- May 20, 2009: Who is going to win?

What a night! I had a revelation when I realized why I was watching the show so relaxed. Because I did not have to worry about Danny Gokey being pimped out by everybody and even worse, about him winning.

Simon got dressed up. Well, sort of speaking. Considering that he was not wearing his regular t-shirt, everything else qualifies as ‘dressed up’ in my opinion.
Randy looked weird, Kara looked scared – probably in anticipation of the finalists singing her composition- and Paula was a dream in green. A little bit too much tan, but otherwise she was all right. That until she started babbling. But nothing new under the sun. I love Paula, as silly as she sounds sometimes. OK, most of the time.

A pleasant surprise: I saw Sir Anthony Hopkins in the audience. And Katie Holmes and Suri.
An unpleasant surprise: Ryan’s idiotic comment ‘The guy next door vs. The guyliner’. But why did I say ‘unpleasant’? it’s not like we are not used already with Ryan’s stupid remarks.

Now let’s review the songs. First song was picked by finalists. Second was handed down to them by Simon Fuller – the producer of the show, and the third one was Kara’s composition, the same for both of them. Probably to level the field somehow.

Because Kris won the coin flipping contest, he chose the second position. Note: I guess he was just a visionary for what is to come, right? Anyway, strategically speaking, in normal circumstances it’s better to be the second one in the competition hoping to leave the last impression that will be good enough to secure you the victory. But these are not normal circumstances, because you have Adam as opponent. A good, strong and very talented one.

He just rubs me the wrong way, regardless what he’s doing. His wife unit was as ugly as usual, even if she was dressed up. Some guys on various forums made the comment that she is already history.

That being said, here were the songs for Adam along with my rating:
1. Mad World– Very Good
2. A Change is Gonna Come– Brilliant
3. No Boundaries– Good (sucky song)

Songs for Kris along with my rating:
1. Ain’t No Sunshine– Brilliant
2. What’s Going On– Good
3. No Boundaries– Bad

Simon nailed it again while talking about Kara’s composition ‘No Boundaries’: “I’m not going to judge that song”. As in… it was bad. Seriously, it was. Kris could not reach the high notes even if he used a ladder. On top of that he seemed to have forgotten the lyrics at some point.
Kara tried to help… stick a knife into Kris’s back, by saying that he should not be judged for that particular performance, as in’ it sounded like crap, man!, but you tried your best honey’.

Who should win?
Adam– hands down.
He is a roundup artist, nice and humble, graciously giving thanks to the band that helped him during the competition, politely listening to judges’ comments without making that ‘yeah, yeah, shut up already’ face as I have seen more than I would have liked, even on Kris.
He is awesome and I would agree with Paula: he is iconic. He has an aura of good energy around him and he remained true to himself from the beginning to the end.

I am not going to watch the show tonight because I can’t stand Carrie Underwood. I never liked her, never will. She is above annoying. And honestly the outcome it does not really matter anymore. Adam has a wonderful career ahead regardless what the result will be tonight. And I don’t really care about Kris. He is going to fade into obscurity because he is not bringing anything special.

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