Lotto Max is the new Canadian game of chance

When you are out of job and having lots of troubles coming over you like a mad torrent, you may think that somehow the Universe is due to give you a break. Not any kind of break, but a very pleasant one. Say that you are up for hitting the jackpot.
If you can only figure out which one of the many games around you should play.

Although I have been playing lotto on and off for the past years, I have never been particularly lucky playing 6/49. When Super 7 came around I decided to give it a shot and I won numerous free plays and occasionally $10.
In my mind it was pretty clear that 6/49 it’s not the game for me. Now, considering that the odds of winning Super 7 were 1:20 million compared to 1:14 million on 6/49 it’s surprising that I have won something so often.
Everything is about to change.

Super 7 has been replaced by the mysterious Lotto Max. I noticed it in the morning, while out doing some grocery shopping, that the jackpot is $10 million. Intrigued by the new name I googled it and managed to get some info.
Based on what I have read and compared to 6/49, it looks like I am not going to be a Lotto Max aficionado.

The odds of winning 6/49 are much better. Yeah, I know!!!! It sucks.
Following is a comparison between 6/49 and Lotto Max.

Ticket Cost: $5 for Lotto Max for three seven- number selections (it used to be $2 for on Super 7) and $2 for 6/49 for one six- number selection. I guess it’s no Extra on any of them.
Odds of winning: 1: 28 million on Lotto Max, 1: 14 million on 6/49

Match Prize Odds/$2 Play
6 of 6 80.50% of Pools Fund 1: 13,983,816
5 of 6 + Bonus 75% of Pools Fund 1: 2,330,636
5 of 6 75% of Pools Fund 1: 55,491
4 of 6 9.00% of Pools Fund 1: 1,032
3 of 6 $10 1: 57
2 of 6 + Bonus $5 1: 81

Lotto Max
Match Prize Odds of Winning/ $5 play
7/7 Jackpot Win or share of 87% of Pools Fund 1: 28,633,528
6/7 + Bonus Win or share of 4% of Pools Fund 1: 4,090,504
6/7 Win or share of 4% of Pools Fund 1: 99,768.4
5/7 Share of 5% of Pools Fund 1: 1,583.6
4/7 $20.00 1: 71.3
3/7 + bonus $20.00 1: 76.7
3/7 Free Play 1: 8.1

Maxmilllions (7 of 7)(exact match only)1 : Win or share $1 million each draw , odds are 1: 28,633,528 (WTF is that?! I don’t quite understand)

Let’s hope for the best regardless the game to play. Good Luck to me!

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