Are Extraterrestrials ready to disclose their presence?

Some article I have read some months ago, mentioned the possibility that the defect (should we use the word sabotage?) to the Large Hadron Collider’s system was not a random event, but caused by advanced civilizations from the future to stop us from playing God.
Of course respected scientists dismissed the idea as an utter non sense and accused the two guys who wrote the article of media manipulation.

So, what is to be dismissed? That we try to play God? Or that there are civilizations more advanced than ours?
Just because we can’t prove their existence, it does not mean they are not there. Actually maybe they are keeping a close tab on what we do here on Earth, considering that the ‘Butterfly Effect’ initiated here, by us, may affect their future as well. According to Matthew, extraterrestrials are about to make their grandiose entrance.

Following are abstracts from the latest message
from The Matthew Book.
Read, think, approve, dismiss, whatever suits you the best. But at least try to take into account that maybe, just maybe, there is something more around us than what we see.

“This is an international action and it’s important that there is agreement among the governments involved. Major decisions have been made, but some details are still being discussed. Some of your representatives favor keeping the initial program brief and releasing information in increments so people won’t feel overwhelmed. They propose a brief statement that many spacecraft seen during the past several years are from other civilizations, there’s no reason to think any harm is intended, and more information will follow as it’s compiled. Others want the program to answer all logical questions and some of our representatives tell how they’ve been to helping the planet through what you call the shift or cleansing. Some think it would be frightening to see us as we appear in our native lands—not all of us look like you. Others say it’s necessary to show ourselves as we are to prove that we aren’t from your civilization. Some think including live coverage of a mother ship decloaking is a good idea; others think it could be more threatening than reassuring. “


What kinds of information to present on the program and how much can be covered without overload is being debated. Would it be helpful or overkill to explain that Earth is moving out of her regular orbit by intention and needs our help off and on the planet? Would that involve explaining that Earth is a soul? How much can be said about our technologies without alarming folks about how we might use it? Would it be foolish or comforting to say that our presence has prevented other civilizations from trying to invade Earth? To what extent should the cover-up be disclosed? What about admitting that your governments refused our offers of technology in exchange for ending weaponry development and wars that could annihilate you all? How would it affect your population to know that both dark and light beings from other civilizations have been living among you and influencing your way of life? Should the program include personal accounts of both positive and negative abduction experiences? What to say about the “little grays” that have been living for many years in underground cities? What mixture of scientific, political and religious spokespersons should be in the program?


Hatonn spoke of the formidable opposition to acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrial life. This includes creating fear about the motives of other civilizations, and the dark ones have been doing that through entertainment venues. While it may appear that the television show “V” was strategically planned after initial discussions a year or so back about officially recognizing other civilizations, producing that kind of viewing is just another means whereby seeds of fear have been planted throughout the ages. The same is true of the movie “2012,” designed to evoke fearful thoughts that the world really may come to the kind of end that some fundamentalist religions are expecting. With “entertainment” catering to that belief and refreshing the fear about aliens, not to mention the many other popular entertainment forms based in violence, you can see why all aspects of the announcement program must be so carefully considered.

Fear is the dark ones’ most powerful weapon against the light because the energy of fear not only forms a barrier between the consciousness and the soul; it refuels the darkness to keep it thriving. Another means of achieving that two-way objective as well as reducing the world’s population was developing various strains of “flu” viruses. An important part of this diabolical scheme to create plagues, which during your history have caused massive fear and death tolls, was the conditioning of Earth’s peoples to regard death as the ultimate in fear.


In your galaxy, Earth is one of the best schoolhouses for learning to deal with duality—that’s why you are there. Graduation, so to speak, is mastering duality’s many challenges and evolving into fourth density, where duality doesn’t exist. It may require only a few lifetimes or many hundreds for a soul’s personages to have thoughts, emotions, motives and activities with positive, or light, vibrations rather than those with negative, or dark, vibrations.


Evolving from third density into fourth does not happen simply because you’re on the planet and the planet is ascending. Your evolution comes with heeding conscience and intuition and the other wisdom your soul is giving to guide you in alignment with your contract. It comes with self-introspection, acting with honor, respecting all of Nature’s life forms, discerning truth from falsity, emulating but not copying persons whom you greatly respect, and not judging others. It comes with recognizing and feeling grateful for the blessings in your life, with forgiving yourself and others for perceived injustices. It comes with living from your heart, the seat of your soul.


Yet not everyone will choose to embrace this energy because it entails opening minds to many truths, and paramount among them is the Oneness of All, the inseparability of all souls with God and Creator. Please do not be saddened if persons very dear to you cannot “see the light,” and please do not feel it is your responsibility to urge them. Everyone will awaken in his or her own timing—if not in this lifetime, then in another with the same opportunities to grow spiritually. At whatever station you and souls you love may be, eternal love bonds forever unite you—life is eternal, the soul is immortal!”

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