TheStreet to review what has been published about Adventrx

Directly from the horse’s mouth, as written on January 20, 2010 by Adam Feuerstein:

“re: culley – he sent me a private email over the weekend to discuss some of the things i wrote last Friday. I thought his points were reasonable, so i asked him if he’d like to re-work what he said so i could post it in my next mailbag column. he agreed and was happy to do so. i respect culley for debating the merits of ANX with me. clearly, we see things differently, but i respect what he has to say and i will repost his thoughts friday. why this leads you to question my credibility escapes me”

Well, let’s see why should one question Adam’s credibility?
For once because he is vitriolic and a real pit bull who will do anything in his power to help his buddies make money.
If that means to bend the truth, be it like that.

Now that the price of the stock drifted lower to levels acceptable to some players, yes, it’s time to come up with the real story, recant what he said a week ago, let the price go up and book profit.
Easy breezy.

As I mentioned before, we are talking about a company with only two employees, who happen to be managers as well. From the verge of bankruptcy, Mr. Culley thought and found a way out. To be punished for that it’s mean and similar to kicking somebody while down. This is the reason Mr. Feuerstein lost credibility.

Adventrx has been hyped by the stock market itself. They presented facts about their two drugs and people drew their own conclusions.
The fact that it’s been the top traded company on AMEX it’s only because of the super low share price and the huge potential it may have.
People dream about another DNDN, but I don’t think it’s going to happen exactly because the logistics are completely different.
I don’t believe Adventrx will reach $10 pps (although I would be very happy to be proven wrong), but $1-2 is a realistic target short term.

In a stock market driven by lies and manipulation, once in a while you may find a decent company and to see the character assassination done by a journalist who should be at least objective if nothing else, it makes your blood boil.

Good Luck Adventrx!

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