Bachelor Pad

It’s official: Bachelor Pad is the most stupid show I have ever watched. However, I have never watched ‘Big Brother’.

This show is promiscuous, with plenty of shady characters and it looks like modern version of an orgy. Most of the girls are ugly and stupid and the men are just about as ridiculous only less manipulative. Or so it seems to be.

Following is the roundup of the show:

– I have never understood the fascination for Kiptyn, from Jillian’s ‘The Bachelorette’. He is an average guy, nothing special about him. Maybe he was white washed during her show; however, right now he just look like a guy you can pass on the street without giving him a second look. Sometimes I even feel sorry for the character assassination he is going through. But then I remember the rumours about him and Tenley and yeah, I reconsider all of that.
– Tenley is pretty ugly and when she cries- and she does it a lot- she looks even worse. She has no substance and she is immature, clingy and kind of stupid. That throws a bad image on Kiptyn. I mean, come on! She was the best you could do Kiptyn?
– Elizabeth is horrible. A manipulative feral bitch. I have no idea what was in people’s mind for sending Gia home and keeping her around. She has a bad tan, wrong hair colour and over all she looks like a low life, like a trailer trash. I have seen better-looking prostitutes on East Hastings.
– Jesse Kovacs- the good edit he’s got on Jillian’s show is gone. Is this the real Jesse? Bleah.
– Nikki should have stayed at home. She milked the bad romance she had with Juan, and now she is just a side dish.
– Melissa- this chick should just vanish into the sunset ASAP. She is so, so freaking annoying I can’t even describe it. I feel like switching the channels and watching Larry King or the old dinosaurs from the ’60 minutes’ rather than her face. OK, so she was publicly humiliated. Water under the bridge. She got the Dancing with the Stars gig, now it’s time to stop flapping her gums and go home. Seriously, Chris Harrison is more than sufficient for this super stupid show. Why did he need a sidekick? She had her 15 minutes of fame.

Hello!!!! the producers of ‘Bachelor Pad’!!! Stop this insanity. It’s not funny, smart or sexy. It’s just disgusting. If you just wanted to show us how low people can go to win $250,000 we got the message.

I am done with this show. I was done with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette long before this stupid show came on board. But you know what? They look classy by comparison.

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