Proof that Mel Gibson tapes were tampered with

To me it’s just sickening watching the drama unfold. Is it Oksana Grigorievna going to succeed in her evil and dirty attempts to extort money and destroy Mel Gibson’s career?
So far the judge seems to be unable to follow his own recommendation: holding her in contempt for ignoring the gag order. Is he biased? Most people believe that.
Is the tribe so powerful indeed as to control not only the Hollywood, but the court as well? The answers seem to be ‘Yes’.

I am a supporter of Mr. Gibson. He may be guilty of having a bad temper, of cheating on his wife, of being a disappointment to his children but I don’t believe it for a second that he is the abuser Grigorievna is trying to convince us he is. And I am 100% certain that she is not the victim of any domestic abuse.

Her supporters bring up the ‘tapes’ as a proof against Mel Gibson. Seriously? are they really that naive? Or do they really believe that most of us are such?
All right then, what about the tapes?
Various experts came out to prove that they have been tampered with.
Apparently clips have been spliced together and edited as to show an out of control Gibson vs a totally cool and under control Grigorievna, who allegedly at that time was afraid for her life and instead of calling 911, took her sweet time recording tapes.
Why the tapes have been admitted in court is beyond my understanding.

Following are two examples of different theories regarding the validity of the tapes and the pictures used by Grigorievna to proof domestic violence. Enjoy it!

And from ABC:

The story as I can see it looks like this:
– O. Grigorievna understood that no baby, no money; so she conveniently found herself pregnant with Mel’s child. At that moment she hoped she would be given an official status, meaning getting a wedding ring. However, Mel had a different opinion and declined to marry her
– O.G. then started using the same tactics she used against Timothy Dalton: fabricating some incriminating ‘evidence’ to blackmail M.G.
– M.G. decided to fight it, hence the current big mess
– Contrary to what she is saying, she could not care less about her daughter’s future, as she is too busy feeling sorry for herself; I guess she knows that her reputation for being a cold blooded gold digger is going to keep any normal man as far away as possible from her from now on. Meaning that for once she is going to be forced to actually WORK to make a living. Not acceptable in her books. She thinks that she is the God’s gift to man and accordingly, she should be looked after and spoiled. She should be more concerned about not ending up in jail for extortion. Hence her doing the talk circuit.

Note: Larry King is an old geezer who does not have the moral compass to tell us who is right and who is wrong. Go home LK! time to retire and leave us alone! Her presence on your show was a disgrace.

In conclusion I reiterate that I am truly sorry for Mel Gibson. He pissed off the tribe and now he pays the consequences; Grigorievna, Larry King, are just tools in their hands. I respect him for fighting as hard as he does. He is a brave heart.

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