NCIS- Season 9 Finale: Please kill agent E.J. Barrett

We are almost there. Time is coming up to say Good bye! to our beloved NCIS team, until the fall when the next season begins.

A few thoughts regarding Season 9 and a wish list for the next Season:

– PLEASE kill agent E.J. Barrett as she is getting on my last nerve. I dislike her character almost as much as I disliked that chick lawyer Hart. E.J addition to the show was not a good one as it messed up the familiar warm-inside feeling brought by our regular NCIS team. From what I have read on various forums, including the CBS’s one, almost nobody likes her and almost everybody wants to see her gone from the show.
– PLEASE replace director Vance with a more pleasant director. Maybe bring Hetty from NCIS- LA, as she is a great character and it would have a better synergy with the group. Director Vance should go to NCIS- LA, or find a different job. Vance is a nasty pompous ass.
– I hope nobody of the old established crew is going to be sacrificed as the producers did with Kate, long time ago. Thankfully Sasha Alexander is back on Rizzoli and Isles show.
– I did not like Ziva’s boyfriend- Ray- and I hope he is not going to be a permanent presence. No chemistry between these two characters.
– The killing of Mike Franks sucked big time. Why did they do that?
– I have mix feelings about watching the season finale, as I dread thinking that the cliffhanger will be the life or death of agent Barrett. Or even worse, of Ziva.
– It would be nice to get a new character, a love interest for Gibbs, somebody other than the annoying lawyer Hart. Too bad the the producers killed the Navy lady (forgot her name). She seemed to have been good match to Gibbs.

As curious as I normally am, this time I don’t really want to dig and find spoilers for the season finale; instead I am going to enjoy the ride.

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