Are women worse drivers than men?

Somewhere in Russia somebody had a blast video taping a woman trying to park her car.
It lasted about 6 minutes and it ended with the woman driving off. The video is making the rounds on youtube. It’s agonizing to watch the stupidity, therefore I am not going to post the link as it’s boring.

However, I found on youtube a much better compilation of failures. Hey, I am a woman and I had fun watching it, so, no, it’s not sexist and no, I don’t feel offended, because the sad reality is that, generally speaking, women are worse drivers than men.

The Chinese solved the problem by opening a parking lot catering only for women, located underneath the Wanxiang Tiancheng shopping center, in Hebei province.
This women’s parking lot marked with a ‘Women Parking’ sign, is decorated with designs to accommodate women’s sense of colours- see the bright purple and pink decorations and cute cartoon- and the lack of sense of distance evaluation- hence the wider than normal parking spot.



As well, present are female parking guides, specially trained to direct the drivers when they park their vehicles, along with extra lighting and security.

The Chinese initiative is not unique. Japanese women enjoy women only subway cars while they travel to their offices, while Russian women take pink taxis that are specifically for them.

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