Migrant crisis in Europe – April 16 2016

The latest development of migrant crisis in Europe, dated April 16, 2016.

Sweden installs high tech military heat sensors on the bridge linking Sweden to Denmark. The bridge is designed for trains and cars, not for pedestrian traffic. Naturally that will not deter migrants from heading to the promised land of lax labour laws and good benefits.
Meanwhile the guys already there start showing their real face ‘In a secret report by Sweden’s National Criminal Investigation Service, migrant attacks on officers are detailed including police cars being stoned by masked groups’ – Express.co.uk
I guess these idiots are having second thoughts now:
swenden- refugee welcome sign

As a result of the huge influx of migrants, Norway re-introduced border controls.

Austria has built fences at four border crossing and the border checks are set to start in June at Brenner pass linking Austria to Italy.

Switzerland increased the military presence: 2000 soldiers in army tanks to patrol the border to Italy, fearing that due to Austria closing the border, migrants might try to find alternate routes.

It is mind boggling to me the lack of vision and understanding of European’s rulers. I don’t find it normal to impose your own citizens to wear certain cloths,go only on certain parts of their cities or behave in a certain manner not to ‘offend’ the migrants. The migrants should be grateful for having been offered shelter and food. They should integrate in the guest country, not make the said country bend to their own archaic rules.

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