Do you want to know what Obama legacy looks like?

Cutting through all the bullshit, this is Obama’s legacy:

* taken the US troops out of Iraq and created a power vacuum, which has resulted in the rise of ISIS
* drawn a red line for Assad to cross and use chemical weapons
* armed the terrorists in Syria and escalated the killing of Syrians and prolonged the civil war
* paved the way for Iran to advance their missile program and ultimately develop nukes and supply nuclear materials to terrorists
* caused a nuclear arms race in the Middle East
* Famously criticised Mitt Romney for considering Russia to be the most dangerous threat to the US
* emboldened Putin to take Crimea
* emboldened Putin to weaken the US-backed fighters battling Assad, and allowing Assad to remain in power
* emboldened Islamists to pursue a dirty bomb and increase terrorism
* emboldened Kim Jong-un and antagonize him to destabilize the region
* worsened relations with China, N. Korea and Russia
* Tried, and failed miserably, to prevent the Brexit. English voters have sent a message to the elitist liberal western leaders, and this will be just the beginning of the end of the EU.
* Obamacare will ultimately fail, with large insurers pulling out, with the top 20% of taxpayers shouldering the burden
* Divided the US population as much as it was just prior to the US Civil War
* Encouraged the murder of police by black thugs
* Spent more taxpayer money on travel and vacations than all prior presidents
* Created the biggest budget deficit in US history
* Presided over the slowest ever recovery in any US economic cycle in US history
* Presided over a 25% increase in the US poverty rate
* Presided over the decline of the labor force participation rate to the lowest level in US history when accounting for females in the US workforce. When you add up the number of people collecting unemployment benefits, people not working whose unemployment benefits have expired, part-time workers who can’t find full-time work, and people who are working at a job below their skill level, the rate is 50%.
* Deceptively resettled thousands of Syrian “refugees” throughout the US.
* Campaigned for a year for Hillary Clinton, and was face planted in the US presidential election.

94 million people out of the workforce ( – The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an improving/mixed employment situation in September, in the numbers released Friday.
94,184,000 Americans were not in the labor force in September, 207,000 fewer than in August, and the nation’s labor force participation rate, which began its steady downward trend in 2000, showed little change last month, rising a tenth of a point to 62.9 percent compared with August.Labor Force participation rate at 38 year low)
10 % unemployment if labor force participation was at normal level
41 million American on food stamps
43 million Americans living in poverty
Added $9 TRILLION in debt.
Family Income down 4%
2009 GDP: – 0.24%
2010 GDP: 2.73%
2011 GDP: 1.68%
2012 GDP: 1.28%
2013 GDP: 2.66%
2014 GDP: 2.49%
2015 GDP: 1.88%
2016 GDP: 1.28%

U.S. Homeownership Rate Hits 50-Year Low
Government Debt to GDP at 70 year high of 105%
The slowest U.S. recovery since WWII
Started wars in Libya, Syria and Yemen.
Restarted war in Iraq
Ushered in the expansion of ISIS
Reneged on Budapest Agreement emboldening Russia
Create the “Arab Spring” turning the ME into chaos
Assisting Iran in developing nuclear weapons
Gave Iran $400 million to support terrorism
If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.- Lie
If you like you doctor, you can keep you doctor.- Lie
Premiums will go down by $2500 a year.- Lie
“Many Say High Deductibles Make Their Health Law Insurance All but Useless”
“Doctors, Hospitals Say ‘No’ to Obamacare Plans
Patients continue to learn that coverage is different from access.”
“Contrary to goals, ER visits rise under Obamacare”
‘Insurance companies are starting to pull out. Premiums are rising. Is the ACA doomed?”
“Examining Plummeting Obamacare Enrollment Projections, Part II”
“UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer, announced Tuesday that it will be pulling out of Obamacare’s insurance marketplaces”
“About 12 million people will be covered through Obamacare’s insurance marketplaces this year, the Congressional Budget Office said Thursday in a new estimate, a sign of the government’s continuing difficulties in getting people signed up for insurance under the 2010 program.
The estimate, released as part of a wider report, is down from a previous budget office projection of 13 million made in January, and far below the 21 million people that the CBO predicted a year ago would have coverage under the Affordable Care Act in 2016.”
“Watchdog: ObamaCare program made illegal payments”
“More Than 1 Million in Obamacare to Lose Plans as Insurers Quit”
“The ACA’s risk corridor program was intended to transfer funds from profitable insurers to unprofitable ones for the first three years of the exchanges (2014 to 2016). The program ran a $2.5 billion deficit for the 2014 plan year as far more insurers incurred losses than made profits. In 2015, the deficit increased to more than $5.8 billion—a 132% increase.”

Source: The Hill

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