US Judge defies EO, Quebec thinking about separating, the EU hypocrisy

The insanity of the world.

Quebec ready for another referendum on independence? What the heck is wrong with these guys? Actually it’s ok if they promise to keep Trudeau out of the rest of Canada.

US Washington State Judge decided that President’s Trump EO on banning people from some countries from entering the USA is not good enough for him and therefore should be blocked.
Evidently that the White House and its Commander in Chief had the response on promptly

So, the Sanctuary city policy is justified by saying that immigration and border control is a federal responsibility and the states don’t want the Feds to involve them. Now this judge is staying the federal government for executing immigration and border control. You can’t have it both ways!

Meanwhile in Europe
‘Italy and the EU have decided upon a plan to pay Libya and Tunisia to keep the unwanted African continent migrants from crossing the Mediterranean sea.

[…] Tusk added: “(It is) the only way to gain control over migration in Europe. The goal is within our reach. Europe should and will stand by Italy in sharing responsibility.”

Italy has already set up a fund of £171 million to help Libya, Tunisia and Nigeria deter migrants from traveling to Europe. (more)

For those unfamiliar with the history here, this is the EXACT SAME PLAN that existed in 2010 between the EU (France) and Libya prior to Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to kill Maummar Gaddaffi because he no longer liked the terms of the agreement.’

The hypocrisy of Europe in a nutshell: USA not taking (Syrian) refugees = Fascist/
Racist/Horrible Trump; The EU not taking in Libyan refugees = Great EU.

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