Europe 2.0 The invasion of the USA

According to Breitbart

‘A caravan of more than 1,500 families including men, women, and children are making their way from Central America through Mexico and are expected to arrive at the US-Mexico Border in the coming days to request refugee status.

Known as the Viacrucis Migrante 2018, the caravan began on March 25 in the state of Chiapas and is expected to reach Tijuana within a month where the members of the group are expected to request refugee status from the U.S. government. The caravan is organized by the immigrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People without borders) who have been posting updates about the caravan’s journey through Mexico. 

The group is reportedly made up of familes from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras who are fleeing extreme poverty and gang violence. The group has been demanding a stop to the violence.

While the group is made up primarily of individuals who could be considered undocumented by Mexican authorities, officials have stepped aside, Mexico’s El Universal reported. Additionally, the group has been thankful to the local governments in various rural communities in southern Mexico for helping the caravan by providing transportation, food, and other aid.’

Thoughts on this:
– Media plays down the real number of people by hiding it behind the ‘family’ word. So, there are 1500 families coming over. How many people are in each family? 4-5? This would bring the number of people at minimum 6000.
– It looks like Europe 2.0, only with Latin population vs Muslims
– In Europe they blamed it on Western powers military interventions in Syria, Afghanistan, and other shit holes , or on ex European colonies that were ‘exploited’ by the same Western powers and now we have to basically pay retribution.
– Here and now, these guys allegedly fled poverty and gang violence. Is it to be blamed on whom this time?
– This march sets a dangerous precedent. If a Communist organization like People without borders manages to organize and finish successfully such a movement, more are to come. That is 100% sure. See Europe again.
– Contrary to some hope that people with guns will act, it is not possible for a Militia type group to stop this wave of invaders, because the optics of gunning down women and children are abhorrent to most people.
– Make no mistake, the same type of propaganda used in Europe some years ago will follow shortly. They are going to be depicted like desperate people who just ‘want a better life’. Pictures taken by zealous journalists will be plastered all over.
– Is President Trump ready to declare some type of emergency and use military intervention at the borders?
– This operation is well funded, scripted and organized by the usual suspects I assume (Soros?).

Final tought belongs to President Trump:

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